Although The exorbitant Wizard that Oz (1900) attributes Dorothy together the key character, she had actually no surname till the 3rd Oz book, Ozma of Oz (1907). Most readers associate Gale v the cyclone that swept Dorothy to Oz in the very first place, yet the publication in which she is called transports her to Oz via a maelstrom at sea: Dorothy and also Uncle Henry are traveling to loved ones in Australia so the he can rest from all the difficult work he"s done on his Kansas farm. However Dorothy Gale and a "gale" of wind make a reasonable association. Interestingly, once L. Candid Baum to be editor that the Aberdeen (Dakota Territory) Saturday Pioneer, he published long and frequent account of great Plains weather. In 1879 six Gales the Irving, Kansas, were killed in a nationally famous double tornado. The Kansas state song, "Home top top the Range," widely adapted to plenty of locations throughout the nineteenth century, starts its second verse v "Oh, give me the gale, of the Solomon vale." possibly Baum was just echoing the castle of his mother-in-law, Maude Gage.

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However Dorothy came by she last name, she is a famous good Plains citizen and a true westerner. She is one agent for change: she kills two witches in Oz (one v a house, the other with water, just as many pioneers used those weapons to great effect ~ above the Plains), and also she substitutes benevolent rulers in their places. She is loyal to home and also once in Oz determinedly sets she mind to returning to it. Naught sways she resolve. She unites assorted people and also creatures in democratic fashion, she"s very practical, she"s conscientious and clean (mopping increase the "mess" the the melted evil Witch of the West), and also she action calmly, there is no fear, despite her age. Finally, she knows life ~ above the Plains, explaining that her desire for a quick return home comes from her assumption that Aunt Em will certainly think she"s dead and also that the poor woman cannot afford mourning clothes if the plants are no far better than they to be the year before.

In succeeding books, Baum exhausted of catastrophes as vehicles to carry Dorothy to Oz, and she left the an excellent Plains and Kansas in 1910, in The Emerald City the Oz, to take it up irreversible residence as part of Ozma"s court. L. Candid Baum lasted only three year in the good Plains; Dorothy Gale lasted ten. With each other they offered the region one the its admirable citizens, someone v the heart, brains, and courage to grow in a difficult environment.

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