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you do a wrong an option because barrows space far much better than dchain and granite so you should gain barrows

none granite has crap stats and dragon has actually crap stats and too expensive stick with rune or purchase barrows


Actually in the long run, D Chain is cheaper than any barrows armor. Remember that you DO need to repair it every now and then, ~ a while that adds up. Even if you do make money by killing to fix it, if you had d chain you could have saved that money.

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About selecting which one girlfriend want, it"s every a matter of looks.

They"re pretty much the same in terms of defense, yet In mine Opinion D Chain look at cooler, i don"t like the huge shoulders and also extremely flat stomach the the Granite Plate.

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Posted might 29, 2008

Get the d chain granite is for noobs!

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Posted might 29, 2008

Torags has (Joint) best melee defence bonuses. Agreed? It expenses 200k. Maybe 100k to deal with ( Or less)


You would need to repair it end 100 times to be the very same cost. 100 repair = 1500 hours of combat.

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Posted might 31, 2008

I would acquire D chain just to look at cool


However granite is cheaper + has better melee def bonus.

D chain 4 the look

Granite 4 the defence.

You do the choice..


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Granite Or Dchain?

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