The Deep south is residence to few of the most incredible landscapes in the united States, and if you"re looking to view the finest of Texas and Louisiana, girlfriend should plan a road pilgrimage from Houston to brand-new Orleans.

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The 350-mile road trip from Houston to new Orleans bring away 5 hours 15 minutes to drive. Notable attractions encompass Sam Houston and Kisatchie national Forests, mountain Jacinto Battlefield and Oak Alley Plantation, and also the urban of Lake Charles and also Lafayette.

Keep reading for all the details of this scenic journey that includes gorgeous lakes, forests, and also cities.

How far is brand-new Orleans native Houston and how lengthy will the road expedition take?

Best courses from Houston to brand-new OrleansRouteDistanceDriving Time
Inland Route350 miles5 hours 15 minutes
Coastal route(via interstate 10)420 miles7 hrs 15 minutes

Along the quickest route, the road pilgrimage from Houston to brand-new Orleans take away 5 hours and also 15 minutes, and it covers about 350 mile of ground without detours.

As such, the route can easily be pushed in a solitary day, however if you desire to explore the sights along the way, consider taking it slow.

In particular, acquisition a detour via the Gulf shore at basically any suggest of your expedition will lead you come a beautiful lake or wildlife refuge, just waiting to be explored.

The interstate drive is quite straight-forward and easy but the adventure the rural courses will an ext than consist of for the twists and turns!

Located just out of brand-new Orleans, Oak Alley Plantation is one of the many scenic point out in the region.
If there"s one thing you understand about new Orleans" annual events, it"s most likely Mardi Gras, which falls either in February or in march on any kind of given year. The city becomes quite hectic during this particular celebration, therefore be certain to book a room well in advancement if you"d prefer to take part.

Although it can sound counterintuitive if you"re no from the South, summer is one of the critical times to carry out this trip if you"re on a budget plan – the warm summers don"t lend themselves to outdoor activities, therefore there are fewer tourists and also hotel rooms are much more affordable.

Even cheaper, however, space winter trips to brand-new Orleans. Visiting in between December and February is probably the best way to watch a quieter side of the city, yet this comes through the evident drawback that having couple of to no events or festivals precious checking out. is an affiliate that and also receives commission because that qualifying purchases make through links on this page.

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