There's lighter fluid smell comes from 3 the my electric appliances and we're not certain why.

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I live in a 10 unit condo building. When we relocated in 6 months ago we purchase a brand brand-new electric Amana dryer and also the other appliances (all electric) were currently here. Yesterday, I placed a load of clothes in the dryer and also after 15 minutes ns went to gain something the end of the dryer and it smelled strongly of lighter fluid. I instantly stopped the dryer and also when mine husband came home he took the vent hose off the wall surface and cleaned whatever out yet there wasn't lot lint to begin with. I tried one more load and the same smell taken place again for this reason he took the back component of the dryer off and cleaned everything he could reach v a vacuum and also inspected all the parts he could see. Nothing looked charred or abnormal. Us tried it one an ext time critical night and it quiet smelled like lighter liquid within 10 minute of starting the dryer.

After experimentation the dryer because that the 3rd time, I started up the range for dinner and also it likewise had a lighter fluid smell in ~ 5 minutes of transforming it on. That wasn't as strong as the dryer but still solid enough come definitely notification the comparable smells. Even the toaster this morning had a very faint odor of lighter fluid.

Today, I dubbed the fire marshal and also they immediately came out. He claimed he likewise did not check out anything that looked off and also what might have happened was fumes from my neighbor painting (I understand for 100% certainty the they have been painting and cleaning) make it's way to ours unit and also was ~ above the heating aspects for the dryer and oven.

The fire marshal recommended to run the stove for one hour ~ above 450 to do a me cleaning. He additionally recommended cleaning the dryer out through a wet rag and likewise running it empty because that an hour. We have actually done both and let the dryer run for much much longer than one hour but we still have a smell of lighter fluid when us tested a pack of towels. When we ran it north the smell didn't seem as strong toward the mid to finish of the cycle. Us haven't offered any new chemicals, vehicle wax, rags through gasoline or lighter fluid, brand-new laundry detergent. Nothing is different in our day-to-day business.

Our neighborhood directly listed below hasn't i found it anything and the dryer vent causing the roof is ok. The oven and also dryer aren't located anywhere near each other. I can tell the the fire marshal to be a tiny stumped once trying to number out the cause but I'm wondering what our following step have to be?

Amana electrical Dryer: Serial#M72874628 Model#NED4655EW1

Amana couldn't uncover my serial number once I typed that in last night for a warranty check so I'm likewise including "Type", i m sorry is: DWJR-ELE-2406026-FM54

GE electric Oven: Serial#SR239529Q Model#JBS55DM2BB


I tested the cooktop after act the 450 levels for 1 hour and it's still create a lighter liquid smell. It's not as poor as yesterday but still noticeable. However, ns watched the cooktop after that pre-heated and the only time the smell appears to be solid is as soon as the heating facet is red and proactively on.

The dryer just finished a pack of towels and also at the start there was a identify lighter fluid smell yet as time went on the smell dissipated and also none that the towels smell. I confirm the dryer plenty of times during this check cycle and also whenever I opened the door and also when it was obvious the heating facet was on, due to the fact that of the red glow at the ago of the dryer, the was once the odor was the worst.

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TL/DR: It seems whenever the heating facets on the dryer, oven and toaster space glowing red, a strong lighter liquid smell originates from the appliances and also everything has actually been cleaned thoroughly.