Scientists and philosophers submit personal reflections on the significance and influence that Darwin’s theory and also of present views of evolution within contemporary psychology.

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American emotional Association. (2009, May). Evolutionary theory and also psychology. Mental Science Agenda. Http://

In commemoration of the 200th anniversary that Charles Darwin’s birth and the 150th anniversary the the publication of his seminal work-related On the origin of Species, this version of Psychological science Agenda includes a special ar on evolutionary theory and also psychology. Scientists and philosophers were invite to submit an individual reflections ~ above the significance and influence that Darwin’s theory and of present views of advancement within modern-day psychology. PSA many thanks the writer for their provocative contributions.

Darwin’s influence on modern Psychological ScienceBy David M. Buss

Evolutionary Psychology and also the advancement of Psychology by Daniel Kruger

Darwinizing the social SciencesBy Robert Kurzban

Darwinian Psychology: whereby the existing Meets the PastBy Debra Lieberman and also Martie Haselton

Psychology’s ideal Discovery HeuristicBy Edouard Machery

Survival the the Fittest? by Gary Marcus

An open Letter come Comparative PsychologistsBy Daniel J. Povinelli, Derek C. Penn, and also Keith J. Holyoak

Evolution of person Sex DifferencesBy Wendy Wood and Alice H. Eagly

Darwin’s affect on modern-day Psychological ScienceBy David M. Buss

David M. Buss is Professor that Psychology at the university of Texas in ~ Austin. 

At the end of his classic treatise in 1859, top top the origin of Species, Darwin envisioned that in the distant future, the ar of psychology would be based upon a brand-new foundation—that of evolutionary theory. A century and a half later, that clear the his vision proved prescient (Buss, 2009).

Evolutionary psychology is not a unique branch the psychology, but rather a theoretical lens the is right now informing all branches the psychology. The is based on a collection of logically consistent and well-confirmed premises: (1) the evolutionary processes have actually sculpted not simply the body, but likewise the brain, the emotional mechanisms that houses, and also the behavior it produces; (2) countless of those instrument are finest conceptualized as psychological adaptations designed come solve troubles that historically added to survival and reproduction, generally conceived; (3) psychological adaptations, in addition to byproducts of those adaptations, are activated in contemporary environments the differ in some important ways from ancestral environments; (4) critically, the notion that emotional mechanisms have adaptive functions is a necessary, not an optional, ingredient for a an extensive psychological science.

Darwin provided two key theories that guide much of modern psychological research—natural choice and sex-related selection. These theories have an excellent heuristic value, guiding psychologists come classes of adaptive problems connected with survive (e.g., threats from other types such as snakes and spiders; dangers from other humans) and reproduction (e.g., friend selection, sex-related rivalry, adaptations to ovulation). Developments in modern evolutionary theory heralded by inclusive fitness theory and the “gene’s-eye” perspective guide researchers to phenomena Darwin can not have actually envisioned, such together inherent and also predictable forms of within-family conflict and sexual conflict in between males and females.

Over the previous decade, evolution psychology has increasingly notified each sub-discipline within psychology. In perception and sensation, it has led to the exploration of phenomena such as the hear looming bias and also the intuitive descent illusion. In cognitive psychology, based on a fusion of signal detection theory and also the asymmetric evolutionary prices of cognitive errors, it has led to error administration theory and also the exploration of practical cognitive biases the are, strange together it may seem, “designed” to err in adaptive ways. Evolutionary society psychology has produced a wealth of discoveries, ranging from adaptations because that altruism to the dark sides of society conflict. Evolutionary developmental psychology has actually explored the ways in which an important ontogentic events, such as father lack versus dad presence, affect the subsequent advance of sexual strategies.

Evolutionary clinical psychology provides a non-arbitrary meaning of psychological disorder--when an progressed mechanism fails to duty as it to be designed come function. It also sheds light on usual afflictions such together depression, stress and anxiety disorders, eat disorders, and also sexual disorders. And it offers a framework for evaluating how mismatches between ancestral and modern environments can create psychological disorders. Personality psychology, in the history refractory to evolution analysis, is finally beginning to find adaptive individual differences.

Hybrid self-controls too make use of the tools of evolution psychology. Cognitive and also social neuroscientists, for example, use contemporary technologies such together fMRI to check hypotheses about social exemption adaptations, emotions such as sex-related jealousy, and also kin recognition mechanisms.

More generally, evolutionary psychology breaks under the barriers between the traditional sub-disciplines the psychology. A suitable description of emotional adaptations must incorporate identifying perceptual input, cognitive processing, and also developmental emergence. Numerous mechanisms developed to deal with social adaptive problems, such as once social anxiety features to motivate behavior that avoids an individual from losing status in ~ a group. And also all adaptations can malfunction, as when social tension becomes paralyzing fairly than functional, making clinical psychology relevant. The an essential point is that organizing psychology approximately adaptive problems and evolved emotional solutions, fairly than approximately the somewhat arbitrary sub-fields such together cognitive, social, and also developmental, disappear historically border branch boundaries. Evolution psychology offers a metatheory for psychological science the unites these fields, and also justifies why the seemingly different branches the psychology truly belong within the consist of of introduce psychology books and also within the exact same departments of psychology.


Buss, D. M. (2009). The an excellent struggles the life: Darwin and also the appearance of evolution psychology. American Psychologist, 64, 140-148.

Evolutionary Psychology and the evolution of PsychologyBy Daniel J. Kruger

Daniel Kruger is research Assistant Professor at the avoidance Research center of Michigan, in the school of Public health and wellness at the college of Michigan. 

The structure of evolutionary theory will be increasingly embraced as the foundation for a cumulative understanding of psychological science. Together the unifying theory of the life sciences, evolution by natural and sexual selection offers one unparalleled chistoricsweetsballroom.comcity to integrate right now disparate research locations (Wilson, 1998), developing a powerful framework for knowledge the complex patterns of origin in psychological and also behavioral phenomena. The evolutionary view will thrive from its viewed status as a one-of-a-kind interest area right into an organizing principle that pervades every edge of every field, as well as serve together a bridge throughout levels the analysis.

The organization of evolution theory into psychology has actually waxed and also waned in the 150 years due to the fact that Darwin (1859) predicted the the field would be based on a brand-new foundation. Over there are many notable examples of emotional theories v evolutionary bases, such together Bowlby’s (1969) model of attachment, however these are regularly isolated examples. In the last three decades, the evolutionary perspective has been reinvigorated with significant theoretical breakthroughs and a continuous growing array of empirical studies.

Claims because that such dramatic advances on at this time held beliefs likely evoke skepticism. The huge empirical evidence accumulating because that the influence of evolutionary choice pressures on mental mechanisms will certainly convince target observers. That is necessary to note that evolutionary explanations will not necessarily replace the current models for details psychological and also behavioral phenomena, yet rather incorporate the “how” through the “why.” it may help to recognize that evolution psychology is not monolithic; there are multiple level of concept from an easy principles to particular phenomena and also multiple contending explanatory theories. Arguments occur even between those considered the co-founder of the modern field. For example, some believe there are emotional adaptations facilitating homicide for strategic end (Buss, 2005) conversely, others believe that homicide is the product of adaptations for sub-lethal motivations such as competition an unified with lethal contemporary technology (Daly & Wilson, 1988).

It might also aid to distinguish contemporary evolutionary psychology indigenous the selective reproduction programs in previous eras of human history. There is no teleology in evolution; no human or civilization are an ext highly progressed than any kind of other persons or peoples. Everyone alive this day is descended from a long, lengthy line of effective ancestors. However there may be individual and also group differences in psychological domain names that are partially a result of differential an option pressures on genealogical populations. Humans have actually colonized practically every land area top top the surface of the earth, and each of these varied ecologies might shape our mental design. Efforts to breakthrough human welfare may benefit from this recognition, and the knowledge that genes space not the script for a pre-ordained destiny. Everything around us as individuals is a product of complex interactions in between our hereditary instructions and aspects that the settings in which they space expressed.

By providing the more comprehensive context in which research results might be interpreted, researchers throughout fields will certainly facilitate the integration the a larger body of clinical knowledge. The advancement of psychology will facilitate its recognition and integration together science.


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Darwinizing the society SciencesBy Robert Kurzban

Robert Kurzban is associate Professor in the room of Psychology in ~ the university of Pennsylvania. 

There is just one known cause of the facility functional organization of matter that characterizes the biological world: advancement by organic selection. Since scientists carry out not typically ignore the central causal procedure that offers rise to the thing of their study, it renders sense the 150 years after The beginning of Species, scientific research study investigating the physiology or actions of any kind of of the around 1.5 million varieties on earth requires graduate cultivate in biology, in specific instruction in the theory of development by organic selection, a reality which stands together a tribute come Darwin’s legacy. Scholarship on each of the world’s varieties is urged by hypotheses of progressed function, which in turn guides study on proximate mechanisms.

This is true for every single species ~ above the world with one exception: Homo sapiens.

Students that wish come study human beings – psychologists, political scientists, economists, sociologists and other social researchers – space not forced to take a single course in biology, and, with couple of exceptions, they execute not. This puts lot of the social scientific researches in the position of trying to describe human psychology there is no the tools of Darwinism, a circumstance akin to trying do chemistry while maintaining studiously ignorant that the causal foundations of the discipline: atoms, molecules, the routine table, and also the straightforward forces the govern matter.

This leads to ashamed mistakes. Biologists would never think the an explanation for facility behaviors such together dam-building in beavers would certainly either start or finish with recommendation to constructs such as “protecting self-esteem,” “salience,” or “maximizing utility,” yet “explanations” of exactly this type are pervasive in the social sciences. Biologists know that explanations owe a Darwinian debt: advanced mechanisms have organic functions, and also these must, eventually, it is in explicated. However, not only are explanations that begin with a theory of evolved role still rarely in the social sciences, however such explanations, perversely, typically attract scorn, ridicule, and also blind incomprehension.

This situation can it is in remedied. I market two suggestions. First, graduate training in every one of the society sciences need to require at least one class in evolutionary biology. Students beginning the ar should be equipped with the devices that have actually been so abundant in explaining and also predicting the actions of every various other species. Psychology have the right to lead the way in this by acting quickly. Second, editors should begin requiring that files include an explicit hypothesis around the evolved role of the mechanisms investigated in the manuscript. Type follows role in biology, and also hypotheses about the form psychological mechanisms take it – exactly how they job-related – should constantly be informed by hypotheses about role – what castle designed come do.

The continued stubborn resistance of psychologists to learn the ideas that incorporate their technique with the herbal sciences will certainly be viewed unfavorably by posterity. Change has to be glacial, leave psychology to be condemned, together Max Planck is commonly quoted as having actually said the science, “to advancement one funeral at a time.” So, one method or another, the social scientific researches will, eventually, it is in Darwinized.

Darwinian Psychology: whereby the present Meets the PastBy Debra Lieberman and Martie Haselton

Debra Lieberman is Assistant Professor in the department of Psychology at the university of Miami. 
Martie Haselton is combine Professor in the department of interaction Studies and also Psychology at the university of California, Los Angeles.200 year after Charles Darwin’s birth and 150 years after the publication of “On the beginning of Species”, the ar of psychology is traveling ago to that is roots together a life science, complete the same principles biologists usage to understand non-human life forms to understand human being behavior and also cognition. Darwin’s theory of natural and sexual an option identified the primary forces that form both physiological structures and psychological instrument alike. Combined with the current theoretical advancements offered by genic an option and inclusive fitness theory, Darwin’s principles have showed to it is in invaluable devices for mapping the framework of the contemporary human mind and also linking it with our long evolutionary history. For instance, us now recognize that the dangers our ancestors faced left their tradition in the details fears and phobias humans are most likely to get – fear of fanged creatures favor spiders and snakes, yet not of modern threats choose the guns and fast moving cars that are far an ext likely come kill us today. Research using Darwinian values has likewise shown the kinship is a privileged social relationship, administrate by dedicated psychological mechanisms the infer relatedness based upon ancestrally accessible cues the reliably distinguished kin native non-kin and also between different types of kin. Us have likewise discovered that human being females, favor our mammalian cousins, have actually an estrus step of the bicycle in i m sorry their sexual preferences and also behaviors transition in reproductively judicious ways. These, and also the many other discoveries allowed by the applications of evolutionary tools, would certainly not have actually been made without Darwin’s cool theory.

Looking forward, the application of evolution principles proceeds to permeate different subdisciplines in ~ psychology consisting of clinical science, cognitive psychology and neuroscience. Much more and more, Darwin’s influence can be checked out in research programs investigating, for instance, whether certain clinical “disorders” space in reality psychological adaptations, the domain specificity that memory and attentional processes, and the committed circuits connected in processing details emotions. Regardless of widespread application, obstacles remain. Darwin’s theory is beautiful yet deceptively simple. The is often misapplied – for example, by assuming the adaptations job-related for the benefit of the group or varieties or by side-stepping rigorous factor to consider of the historical selective pressures resulting in the advancement of a details chistoricsweetsballroom.comcity. This will certainly only proceed if psychologists execute not get serious maintain in evolutionary biology. The study of the person mind need to be grounded in biology, the study of life. Of course, there room those who oppose the complete integration of organic theorizing into psychology, yet this is based on concerns that, at least to us, are largely outdated. The is our hope that new generations that psychologists and also social scientists will it is in fluent in Darwinian principles and contemporary evolutionary biology and also that just as Darwin predicted, “psychology will certainly be based upon a brand-new foundation, the of the crucial acquirement the each mental power and also chistoricsweetsballroom.comcity by gradation. Much light will be thrown ~ above the beginning of man and also his history” (Darwin, 1859, pp 428).


Darwin, C. (1859). On the origin of species by method of organic Selection. London: man Murray.

Psychology"s best Discovery HeuristicBy Edouard Machery

Edouard Machery is associate Professor in the department of background and philosophy of scientific research at the college of Pittsburgh. 

Psychologists have frequently relied ~ above unreliable technical metaphors to develop hypotheses about the nature the the person mind. Freud’s psychoanalytic hypotheses were motivated by the then prevalent hydraulic metaphor, which compared desires, emotions, and urges to fluids, while cognitive researchers have more recently been trying to find psychological counterparts of the processes and systems comprising digital computer systems (think of, e.g., functioning memory as the counterpart of a computer’s CPU and also of fist as the equivalent of the assignment of computer power to different softwares). As Gigerenzer (1991) has shown, statistical tools such as, e.g., linear regression or bayesianism, have also often been turned right into hypotheses around the nature of person psychological processes.

In comparison to this unreliable and also often unprincipled exploration heuristics, evolutionary theory offers psychology through a well-motivated and also powerful an approach for discovering human psychological traits. Nobody serious denies that the psychic is do of evolved traits, and, in combination with discoveries about animal behavior and also psychology, archaeological findings, and anthropological data native hunter-gatherer studies, evolutionary theories deserve to lead psychologists to construct plausible hypotheses around the nature the these progressed traits. In fact, since these are likely to it is in our finest discovery heuristics, evolutionary theories should guide psychologists’ initiatives to understand mind and behavior.

But yes a catch: taking evolutionary concept seriously has costs. Return psychologists rarely have the time and competence to connect with the burning controversies in ~ evolutionary biology, they need to keep up with the advancements of evolution thinking instead of relying on somewhat outdated theories. Furthermore, mirroring that some mental trait progressed and, a fortiori, the it is one adaptation is more daunting than is generally acknowledged through evolutionary-minded psychologists. These have to be willing to broaden the toolbox they at this time use, and also to make place for the resources of evidence biologists watch favorably.


Gigerenzer, G. (1991). From devices to theories: A heuristic of exploration in cognitive psychology. Psychological Review, 98, 254-267

Survival of the Fittest?Just what walk Darwin phone call us around the human mind?By Gary Marcus

Gary Marcus is Professor of Psychology at brand-new York University. 

Few paragraph in science are as powerful – or as commonly misunderstood – together the indigenous “survival that the fittest.”

The problem with the phrase (actually coined by Darwin’s contemporary Herbert Spencer) is that it is perfectly ambiguous. Top top the one hand, “survival of the fittest” might mean “of every the feasible creatures the one can imagine, only the fittest feasible creatures survive”; ~ above the other, it could mean something significantly less lavish: no that the fittest feasible creatures survive, yet only the creatures that endure tend to it is in the fittest that take place to be roughly at any type of given moment. 

This seemingly subtle difference – in between “fittest amongst the options that happen to be laying around” – and also “fittest imaginable” – provides all the distinction in the world. “Better than one’s neighbor” is a far cry from “best possible.”

Discussions of evolutionary psychology periodically seem to be premised ~ above the first. People do such and also such due to the fact that such and such was the optimal (“fittest”) thing for our stone-age ancestors to do. Men like women v smooth skin due to the fact that (prior to the introduction of plastic surgery), smooth skin to be a reliable predictor the fertility, so it remained in the attention of our ancestors’ “selfish genes” to produce brains through a choice for smooth skin.

While talk of duty certainly has its place, instances like the injury-prone person spinal column (an unwise change of the an ext sensible horizontal spine of our four-legged ancestors) imply that the normal considerations that optimal function should be supplemented with factor to consider of what one might speak to evolutionary inertia. Simply as objects in activity tend to continue to be in motion (Newton’s 2nd law), advancement tends to change what is already in place, rather than starting from scratch.

Consider person memory, i m sorry is far less trusted than computer memory. Whereas the takes the average human child main or also months or years to memorize miscellaneous as straightforward as a multiplication table, any modern-day computer can memorize any table in an prompt – and will never forget it. Why can’t we do the same?

Whereas computer systems organize every little thing they store according to physics (or logical) locations, through each little bit stored in a specific place according to some kind of understand map, we have no idea wherein anything in our brains is stored. We retrieve info not by understanding where it is, but by using cues or clues that hint in ~ what we are looking for.

In the finest case, this procedure works well: the details memory us need simply “pops” right into our minds, automatically and effortlessly. The catch however is that our memory can easily get confused, particularly when a given collection of cues point out to more than one memory. What we space able come remember at any type of given moment also depends heavily on the crashes of which bits of psychological flotsam and also jetsam occur to be mentally energetic at the instant. Our mood, our environment, also our posture can all influence our vulnerable memories.

Our memories may work in this fashion not because that is the optimal solution, however simply because, at the moment of human being evolution, cue-dependent memory was a steady entrenched off-the-shelf part: cue-driven memory and also all that idiosyncrasies has been uncovered in just around every creature ever before studied, indigenous worms to flies, indigenous spiders come rats, from chimpanzees to humans.

The framework of person memory can thus exist together it does not due to the fact that it is the appropriate solution (fittest possible) but simply since it to be the fittest solution that was readily easily accessible (Marcus, 2008).


Marcus, G. (2008). Kluge: The haphazard advancement of the human mind. Boston, MA: Houghton-Mifflin.

An open up Letter to Comparative Psychologists through Daniel J. Povinelli, Derek C. Penn, and also Keith J. Holyoak

Daniel Povinelli is James S. McDonnell Centennial Fellow and also Professor of Biology in ~ the college of Louisiana.   
Derek penn is Affiliate Scientist in ~ the college of Louisiana.
Keith Holyoak is differentiated Professor of Psychology at the college of California, Los Angeles. 

Darwin believed that earthworms have actually a feeling of consciousness and that plants have the right to hear bassoons. He claimed that “higher” animals have an incipient chistoricsweetsballroom.comcity for empathy, logic, language, magnanimity, an evaluation of beauty and also a nascent belief in God. And also he believed that dogs have a “sense of humor as distinct from mere play” and also “possess something really like a conscience.” (Darwin, 1871).

Darwin’s humanlike view of pets was together unfounded and unnecessary as his concept of pangenesis: Nothing around Darwin’s concept of development requires—or even suggests—that over there be a seamless mental continuity among living species. And also yet, end the last 4 minutes 1 century, plenty of comparative psychologists have actually stubbornly championed Darwin’s weird idea the there are no “fundamental differences” in between the mental chistoricsweetsballroom.comcities that humans and also animals and have made anthropomorphic claims around nonhuman cognition together unsubstantiated as Darwin’s.

Even those comparative researcher who recognize that there could be something qualitatively different about the person mind have actually largely deadline the discontinuity to certain domain-specific faculties—such as language or social-communicative intelligence—and have actually denied the there might be a more profound, domain-general discontinuity in between human and also nonhuman minds. 

The evidence plainly suggests otherwise: Only people make fire, fashion wheels, attract maps, diagnose every other’s illnesses, hazard their resides for ideals, punishment strangers because that breaking the rules, explain the people in terms of unseen causes, plan for hypothetical scenarios, take others’ welfare right into account and teach every other exactly how to do all the above. The development of every these uniquely human abilities begs because that explanation.

It is possible that every of our uniquely human being kinds that cognition outcomes from a separate, domain-specific innovation. And also it is feasible that they all somehow arise from language. Yet it seems much more likely to us that some main cognitive ability co-evolved with and also continues come subserve all our uniquely human abilities. Follow to our theory (Penn, Holyoak, and Povinelli, 2008), this main cognitive chistoricsweetsballroom.comcity was the chistoricsweetsballroom.comcity to reason about higher-order relations and also the core innovation that provided rise come the human being mind was our brain’s chistoricsweetsballroom.comcity to approximate the relational ability of a physical symbol system.

We space not certain that our theory is correct; however we room sure that this: the is time because that comparative psychologists to move past a faith-based belief in the “mental continuity” between all species and come invest as much initiative in identifying the differences between human and also nonhuman minds together they have actually invested in identifying the similarities. Just then will comparative psychology have the ability to take its rightful location at the roundtable that cognitive science.


Darwin, C. (1871). The lower of man, and an option in relationship to sex. London, john Murray.

Penn, D. C., Holyoak, K. J., & Povinelli, D. J. (2008). Darwin"s mistake: Explaining the discontinuity in between human and nonhuman minds. Behavioral and brain Sciences, 31(2): 109-178.

Evolution of human being Sex Differences by Wendy Wood and Alice H. Eagly

Wendy hardwood is Professor that Psychology and Neuroscience and also Professor that Marketing at duke University.  
Alice Eagly is Professor of Psychology at Northwestern University.

Charles Darwin, while supplying a brilliant analysis of types development and also change, struggled to understand human distinctions of race, class, and also gender. In Darwin’s analysis, this distinctions arose from sexual choice processes. Because that example, he explained the presumably exceptional beauty that the aristocracy as because of upper course men successfully competing for and choosing the most attractive women from every social classes. Favor Darwin, contemporary evolutionary psychologists explain men’s universally greater size and strength in addition to their tendencies toward mental aggressiveness and competitiveness as due to sexual choice mechanisms of male competition and also female choice.

Modern evolution thinking has actually progressed beyond such a an easy analysis, in component because proof from comparative researches of primates questions whether person sex differences originated in sex-related selection. The human male-female size distinction is short in magnitude compared with various other primate species, and varieties with low dimorphism have actually a huge variety of behavior patterns and also social frameworks (Plavcan & van Schaik, 1997). In addition, both female and also male dimension are commodities of multiple an option pressures. Such findings contact for more complicated evolutionary account of humans’ physical and also psychological sex differences.

Our evolutionary evaluation of sex distinctions takes into account humans’ considerable behavior flexibility in solution to neighborhood circumstances. This characteristic function of humans reflects their advancement in varied environments v changeable problems that impinged in differing means on survival and also reproductive outcomes (Wood & Eagly, 2002, in press). Because that example, in the so late Pleistocene era, climate appears to have been extremely variable. Also, humans and their ancestors involved in substantial niche construction, an interpretation that their tasks altered the environments in which castle lived. Accommodating to such changes required behavior flexibility, permitted by an evolved chistoricsweetsballroom.comcity for innovating and sharing information through society learning, yielding a cumulation of culture. Humans’ versatility is evident in their various novel remedies to the difficulties of reproduction and survival, consisting of tolerance because that a wide range of foods, ecologies, and living arrangements.

Given these an option pressures on person ancestors, sex differences in habits arise flexibly native a biosocial communication in i beg your pardon sociocultural and also ecological forces interact with humans’ biology as characterized by female and also male physics attributes and reproductive activities (Wood & Eagly, 2002). Specifically, females bear and also nurse children, and also men possess greater size, speed, and also upper-body strength. Offered these attributes, a department of labor arises such that particular activities are more efficiently achieved in specific societies through one sex 보다 the other. Because that example, ladies are minimal in their chistoricsweetsballroom.comcity to perform particular tasks incompatible through childcare (e.g., requiring speed, uninterrupted activity). Therefore, ladies in foraging, horticultural, and agricultural societies generally eschew jobs such as hunting big animals, plowing, and conducting warfare. Nonetheless, under details social problems that lessen this constraints, women have taken on roles of warriors and hunters. Recently, the division of labor and also gender pecking order have come to be less pronounced, showing the declining importance of physics sex differences due to lowered birthrates and also decreased prominence of size and also strength for high status roles. The result political and also social changes give women access to a greater range of society roles and also have altered female psychology.


Plavcan, J. M., & van Schaik, C. P. (1997). Interpreting hominid actions on the basis of sex-related dimorphism. Journal of human being Evolution, 32, 345–374.

Wood, W., & Eagly, A. H. (2002). A cross-cultural evaluation of the habits of women and also men: ramifications for the beginning of sex differences. Psychological Bulletin, 128, 699-727.

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Wood, W., & Eagly, A. H. (in press). Gender. In S. T. Fiske, D. T. Gilbert, & G. Lindzey (Eds.), Handbook of social psychology (5th ed.). Brand-new York: McGraw Hill.