A The “sell by” or “pull” day tells the store exactly how long to display the food because that sale. Foods eaten after this day are usually safe as long as they space not stored for longer than the encourage time and also that they space handled and prepared safely. Muffin mix is encourage to it is in stored no much longer than nine months and also should be preserved in a cool, dry place. Much more information top top food warehouse is available at the expansion office or on ours website at: http://www.oznet.ksu.edu/lyon/.

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A Saffron is just one of the world’s most expensive spices. The summer sprouts saffron comes from Crocus sativus — an autumn flowering crocus. This range is not usually grown in Kansas and is a native to southern Europe and Asia . True saffron has actually a pleasantly spicy, pungent bitter taste and also a sharp and also penetrating odor. Fortunately, a small saffron goes a lengthy way. As well as being steeped in tea, it is used for seasoning countless foods such as an intricate rolls and also biscuits, rice and also fish. Saffron has a shining yellow color. A less expensive instead of is turmeric, but it lacks the true saffron flavor.



A This is a buttery flavoring found in some kinds the microwave popcorn and also many other foods items such together baked goods, ice cream, beverages and more. Recent health concerns have been linked with inhaling large amounts that the fumes of fresh popped microwave popcorn. The 4 leading manufacturers the microwave popcorn are already reformulating their assets to remove diacetyl flavoring. 

Q my friends and I are having a debate. We want to know if baby carrots room grown that way or space they just cut up parts?

A return there are “true” infant carrots developed on some farms, they are expensive and also not widely easily accessible to consumers. Most growers of “baby” carrots plant seeds close together, forcing the root to prosper long and thin to make it much easier to procedure them right into the finger-like bite-size baby carrot. After ~ they space harvested, they room washed, sorted and mechanically cut, trimmed, polished, shaped and also packaged.

- Kelly Whitfield , Lyon county family and also consumer science agent, is a registered, licensed dietitian and also certified diabetes educator. For more information top top food, nutrition, health, and also family issues, call Kelly at the Lyon county K-State Research and also Extension office at 620-341-3220 or email at kwhit

- Sources: Karen Blakeslee, Food Scientist, K-State Research and also Extension, you Asked It, K-State Research and Extension Sept. 2007 & in march 2004; Chow Line, Ohio State college Extension, march 2007; Safe home Food Storage, Texas farming Extension Service.


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