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The key reason for the needle"s presence inside the poppet is because Mary Warren put it there. Towards the end of plot II, Mary claims that she to be knitting the poppet during the day"s legal proceedings. She claims that Abigail witnessed her knitting the doll, using the needle come make...

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The main reason because that the needle"s visibility inside the poppet is because Mary Warren placed it there. In the direction of the finish of action II, Mary says that she to be knitting the poppet throughout the day"s legit proceedings. She claims that Abigail observed her knit the doll, making use of the needle to do it. Mary provides the poppet to Elizabeth v the needle in it. The visibility of the needle is seen as "evidence" to substantiate just how Abigail was under assault that evening at dinner, claiming the she was stabbed v a needle. The discovery of the needle within the poppet is taken as proof the Elizabeth is practicing witchcraft to get earlier at Abigail.

Act II is significant for a couple of reasons. The is in ~ this point in the narrative the the quite weak communication for evidence behind the accusations is coming to be clear. The situation concerning the needle and also the poppet is one such example. An additional example would certainly be exactly how Giles Corey speak Proctor that his wife has actually been arrested since he asked about the books she was reading. Action II is taken as the point in the narrative when it is clear the Salem is coming to be undone through accusations that witchcraft.

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The fragmentation in Salem is matched through the disintegration of the Proctor marriage. Action II is the an initial time we view John and Elizabeth together. It is clear that both of them room struggling to discover a balance the reconciliation. Native the opening minute of the Act where Proctor adds spice to the broth, that is clear that the act is reflective of the state of the Proctor marriage. The disjointed nature of Salem society and the Proctor marital relationship lead to many of the interpretations of plot II in Miller"s work.