over there isn't one. What kind of trouble are you trying to solve? together a general rule, if just one move doesn't job-related in one direction, either switch might be responsible, or a wire might be broken. When neither switch functions for the lock or unlock function, the is virtually always because of a damaged wire between the door hinges. It is an extremely rare to have separate problems develop in both switches at the very same time.

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I have power come the fuse and also the actuators work, neither doors unlock indigenous the passenger move or the chauffeurs side. Many thanks for your help.

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What renders power lock and also power window circuits confusing is there space actually four sets of switch contacts inside each switch. When both room released, every wires and also all terminals in the circuit will check out continuity come ground, except the one 12-volt feed wire at each switch.I traced the current path for locking native the passenger's switch. If you follow my nifty red arrows from the circuit breaker, down to the peak of the right switch, the top part is moved away from its at-rest position, (which was grounded), come the 12-volt feeding contact. Existing follows the red arrows to both lock motors. All the 12 volts is dropped across the motors, therefore from currently on we're top top the floor side. There must be 0 volts the rest of the way. Those are the blue arrows. Existing for both motors goes back to the second part of the passenger's move which is released, with that, end to the driver's switch, through among the exit contacts in it, then to ground.Manufacturers will never ever rely on the painted door hinge pins to do a trusted ground, so the last ground wire goes through the tube between the hinges, then is bolted to the body within the cabin, never ever in the door itself. The last ground wire is a usual failure as soon as it frays and also breaks, however the symptom would certainly be the whole system is dead, both lock and also unlock, from every the switches.The circuit i traced is because that locking indigenous the passenger's switch, which ns assume is working. Every little thing with an arrow has to it is in okay, however remember, there's quiet two more sets of contact in each switch.The 2nd drawing is of an enlarged driver's switch. The dashed line, (green arrow), indicates the two switches relocate together when you press the lever. This is shown being pressed because that "unlock". For the optimal part, the movable contact, (blue arrow), has simply moved from one suggest to an additional along that curved black color strip. The is a soil contact, and also electrically-speaking, nothing has adjusted there between the move released or the move pressed.The magic happens in the bottom component of the assembly. When pressed to "unlock", the movable contact, (red arrow), very first breaks the link to its black color curved ground contact, then it renders the connection to the 12-volt feed contact. The 3rd drawing mirrors the circuit through the driver's switch in the "unlock" position. Existing has to go with this contact, v one released call in the other switch, through the lock motors, ago through the second set of contacts in the passenger's switch, through two bag of door hinges, climate the height of the driver's switch, and then come ground. Something along this route is stopping existing from flow in your truck, but remember, we currently know which parts are it s okay from the an initial drawing.The point of this wondrous story is to show that nevertheless if you're locking or unlocking, and which move is pressed, current always flows through four sets of move contacts. In the an initial drawing whereby the height right "lock" call is working, that is very possible it has a shed contact in the exit position. Once you have a power window or strength lock move that works in the pressed position, it can be defective in the exit position.If her doors lock indigenous both switches, adhering to the diagram shows that at some point, every wire that runs in between the door hinges it s okay used, therefore that argues none room broken. That pipeline the switches together the logical suspects. You have the right to do a series of voltage test to figure out whereby the circuit is broken, however that needs pulling the switches out of the door panels. As lengthy as you have to go through all the work, the more quickly test would certainly be to acquire some supplied switches from a rescue yard and also just pop one in together a test. I don't recommend trying to resolve this with an ohm meter. The meter's leads will have a few ohms of resistance themselves. A high-resistance connection or call can have fewer ohms than the meter's leads, yet that would certainly be an ext than enough to limit current flow come the suggest the lock actuators can't work. It's too basic to skip a poor connection through an ohm meter in any kind of high-current circuit.