Fallout 3 is a huge open-world RPG the you can explore at your very own pace if making vital story options along throughout her adventure. Although fallout 3 doesn't have actually as many endings together Fallout: new Vegas, it still has a few different means for girlfriend to finish the story.

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There are cutscenes in the final ending that describe side content; however, the most notable scenes encompass your decisions during the main story. If you want to unlock a particular scene at the end of fallout 3, climate keep reading to discover out about every significant ending in the game.

How many Endings space There In fallout 3?


autumn 3 has actually lots of individual endings the you can receive in ~ the finish of the story, relying on your choices and the contents you decided to complete. Many little differences can appear in the finishing cutscene; however, this personalized cutscenes aren't brand-new endings however instead an add-on to the main ending.

A few of the personalized cutscenes you can receive include different scenes for gender or appearance, scene that only play if you have actually a high or low enough Karma, and scenes that play depending upon if girlfriend finished specific side quests.

There are 4 main endings in autumn 3 because there are just a few ways to finish the key storyline and also Broken stole quests. The four endings are greatly different, and also they each need you to do a specific decision during the main questline.


There room a couple of major endings that you have the right to receive in fallout 3, depending on how you finish quests throughout the main story and also the damaged Steel DLC. Friend can also receive a 2nd ending to the capital Wasteland's story if friend play the damaged Steel DLC since it adds extra story searches that connect to the basic game's key questline.

The good Ending

During the "Take it Back!" quest, you need to make a last decision around Project Purity. There's a chamber inside the Jefferson Memorial that somebody demands to get in to conserve the purifier; however, any type of human that enters the chamber will be irradiated and die. The an excellent ending will occur regardless of that goes into the room to conserve the project. However, if you desire to obtain the many virtuous ending in fallout 3, then you should go into the chamber and also sacrifice your character.

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There are many other methods to solve this problem without your character gaining irradiated. The most notable technique is to let Lyons get in the chamber, and also then she'll acquire irradiated rather of you. This ending is a small eviler 보다 doing that yourself; however, it's not as negative as siding v the Enclave. Permitting Sarah Lyons to sacrifice herself isn't the only way to get roughly this problem, though, due to the fact that you can likewise send followers into the chamber.

The best way to stop going into the chamber you yourself is to send Fawkes. Fawkes is a at sight Mutant companion, therefore he's immune come radiation and won't die inside the chamber. Fawkes is obtainable as a companion after you leaving Raven Rock. This ending is perfect if your character isn't a hero but also isn't willing to let the world of the capital Wasteland die. The option to send Fawkes or other companions right into the room is only easily accessible if you have the broken Steel DLC.

The ​​​​​​Bad Ending

To receive the negative ending, you should use the modified FEV Virus that the Enclave president Eden provides you during the main story quest, "The American Dream." You deserve to place the amendment FEV Virus into the assistant Filtration Input next to the chamber throughout the last scene in fallout 3 while at the Jefferson Memorial. The FEV Virus will then spread throughout the resources Wasteland, and you'll obtain the poor version that the ending.

Since the FEV is dangerous and not safe for many humans, the majority of the people in the capital Wasteland will die. However, the Enclave will certainly still survive, which method that friend don't death everyone in the Wasteland if you make the decision to insert the FEV Virus. You have the right to still finish the broken Steel questline if you pick to contaminate the capital Wasteland.

There's additionally another bad ending; however, it's no as interesting as dispersing the FEV Virus around the Wasteland. Once you are an alleged to speak through Lyons or go into the chamber, friend can pick to execute nothing at all. In this ending, task Purity will explode, and also fresh water will be a remote dream for the resources Wasteland. Back this ending is still bad, it's much better if you want a more neutral ending.

Broken steel DLC - good Ending

After you end up the key storyline in fallout 3, you'll wake up up at the Citadel, and also you can start the damaged Steel DLC, which includes a brand-new questline that concentrates on the state of the capital Wasteland adhering to the occasions at the Jefferson Memorial.

In damaged Steel, you follow Brotherhood that Steel personalities as they try to defeat remnants of the Enclave. You get a possibility to strike an Enclave base and speak with characters like Elder Lyons again, which allows for much more pieces that the capital Wasteland's story come come together.

The damaged Steel DLC has a new ending; however, there aren't as plenty of outcomes due to the fact that this questline is linear. You have actually to damage an Enclave Air pressure Base during the pursuit "Who Dares Wins" by picking to fire in ~ the "Adams AFB Platform" while within the Satellite Tower. This is an chance to obtain a great ending if you chose an evil choice inside the Jefferson Memorial. The last scene in the broken Steel DLC shows the Enclave Air pressure Base blowing up.

Broken steel DLC - poor Ending

There's a poor ending for the broken Steel DLC together well. Throughout "Who Dares Wins", you should climb a Satellite Tower and also activate the "Fire Payload" button to select which target you want to destroy. Choose "Citadel," and you will damage the Brotherhood Of stole base. This will significantly weaken the Brotherhood Of steel in the resources Wasteland and end the damaged Steel DLC. The making it through Brotherhood Of stole members will assault you if you choose to punch up the Citadel, yet only after ~ they check out the damages for themselves.

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