In Bethesda"s first-person renewal of the standard post-apocalyptic RPG series, the player is compelled to leave Vault 101 and venture out into the irradiated wasteland the Washington D.C. To find his or she father.

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I can"t find this man for the quest, "Replicated Man", where you walk to Rivet City and find the recognize of the android, now I got a optional quest to speak to medical professional Preston whom I currently talked before but now he isn"t letting me finish the quest. I find all the decks that Rivet City and also can"t uncover Pinkerton.Thanks


Enter the sector place indigenous the front enntrance gate of Rivet City. Go all the method to the earlier and leave the doors that result in Rivet City. You must be at the area where the ship is damaged in half. Run in the water, swim under it and also look for an entrance to the various other side the the ship underwater... ~ you get out that the water within the ship, he"s what there. Dunno exactly how to provide you precise location.


RelentlessKnight said: "I can"t find this male for the quest, "Replicated Man", whereby you go to Rivet City and also find the identify of the android, currently I gained a optional pursuit to talk to medical professional Preston who I already talked prior to but currently he isn"t letting me finish the quest. I search all the decks the Rivet City and also can"t find Pinkerton.Thanks" See, exact same thing happened to me. The quest marker clues me in the direction the Dr. Preston, but he does not have actually shit come say. I hope this works. Ns did notification a bridge causing the broken half of the ship, however the door it leads to is locked top top hard.

It"s favor Suneku said, run underwater in-between the two parts of the ship and you"ll view the entrance.

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So now I"m in the fifty percent flooded, damaged off part of the ship, ns can"t find Pinkerton all over inside. Any type of help? Where should I it is in looking?

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