Revised January, 2019 requirements for the household Life merit badge: Prepare an outline on what a family members is and discuss this with your merit argorial counselor. Phone call why households are important to individuals and to society. Talk about how the actions of one member can affect other members. List several factors why friend are essential to your family and also discuss this through your parents or guardians and with her merit badge counselor.Prepare a list of your regular home duties or chores (at least five) and also do them for 90 days. Save a record of how often you perform each of them. Comment on with her counselor the result your chores had actually on your family.With the approval of your parents or guardians and your merit argorial counselor, decision on and also carry the end a task that you would certainly do roughly the house that would advantage your family. Send a report to her merit argorial counselor outlining exactly how the project benefited her family.Plan and carry out a project that entails the participation of her family. After completing the project, discuss the adhering to with her merit badge. Counselor: The objective or goal of the projectHow individual members of your family participatedThe results of the projectDo the following: discuss with her merit argorial counselor how to plan and also carry out a household meeting. ~ this discussion, plan and also carry the end a family members meeting* to incorporate the following subjects: preventing substance abuse, consisting of tobacco, alcohol, and drugs, every one of which negatively impact your health and well-being knowledge the growing-up procedure and exactly how the body changes, and making responsible decisions handling sexHow your chores in necessity 3 contributed to your role in the familyPersonal and also family financesA crisis situation within your familyThe effect of modern technology on her family an excellent etiquette and also manners discussion of each of these subjects will an extremely likely lug over to more than one family meeting. Talk about with your counselor your understanding of what makes an reliable parent and why, and your thoughts on the parent"s duty and obligations in the family. *This conversation might take ar with just one or both of your parents or guardians. Family members Life Worksheet

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When my older boy went with Scouts, us owned our residence so his task for family Life #4 was reasonably easy to come increase with. Currently my youngest is going through the Troop and also we rental our house (since July) and also we"re having some difficulty finding a job to satisfy the requirement. We room unable come paint, plant gardens or readjust the yard, or noþeles that can be taken into consideration a long-term change. Whatever we"ve come increase with has actually been shot under by the landlord. Any type of suggestions on possible projects would certainly be very helpful and greatly appreciated.

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Christine - the doesn"t must be a project of a irreversible nature.Our library loans the end "Energy Audit" kits which deserve to be used to check how much electrical power is being wasted through plugged in devices. Making a arrangement to minimization your family"s electric, water, A/C, heater waste could be a valuable project.Clean the end your garage or storage area.Sort and pack old toys and also clothes come make more room and also donate come an organization.Improve security or safety and security with home window alarms, CO monitors, water leak sensors through the hot water heater, brighter LED the end lights, non-slip surface on the end steps, ... And also such.
Thank you very much! We in reality did the feather cleaning the house, garage, and also storage unit as the family project for necessity #5 throughout spring break. The power audit and also security/safety enhancements are identify possibilities to imply to him.
Requirement 7a mentions an reliable father, what if there has never to be a male in the family. As a solitary parent I think I have actually done a pretty an excellent job in guiding and also supporting my child in every aspects. Does the overlook this and/or is penalized for not having a male role model?
Crystal - That need asks the scout to come up v his own thoughts on what makes a male an effective father. To express his see should assist him prepare for that duty in the future. His view originates from what he"s seen and experienced, both great and bad, in real life and also media. Also if he has no male role model in his immediate family, he has actually them in various other parts of his life such together church, school, sports, scouting.
Requirement #5 since it is winter do it impossible for outdoor work I was thinking of having my enlightenment organize a family members meal through all the family members members participating. Also, for #4 I thought organizing and putting away all of the Christmas decorations would be a an excellent winter project. That is rather a chore because that us.
Requirement #3 says that my son must do his chores for 90 days. We went on holidays this summer for 2 weeks, which do doing his chores impossible. His Scoutmaster is saying that these 90 days have to be consecutive. I cannot find any documentation to support the SM"s statement. I m sorry is it?
Tim - The necessity doesn"t speak "consecutive", yet it does to speak to store a document of how regularly the chores room done over the 90 days. The "keep a record" part sure renders it seem like the scout should collection aside 90 days and then document how plenty of times the chores room done throughout those days.I wouldn"t suppose every chore to be excellent every day even though the need says do them because that 90 days, since it likewise says to document how numerous times they room done. For example, taking out the rubbish may simply be every few days.So, being away from house for 2 weeks can be counting as part of the 90 days yet the chore document is just all "0"s for those days.By the way, it doesn"t matter what the scout"s scoutmaster claims - it"s the merit badge counselor the decides what counts. With a little bit of forethought, the scout can have disputed his planned 90 job that consisted of the vacation with his counselor previously so they"d both understand if it would certainly be acceptable or not.
Can you sweet in one opinion around req 6a and also 6b? In 6b, walk the scout talk about the really meeting(s) v the MBC? Also, the object are heavy to finish in simply one meeting and also heavy because that a scout to initiate. I execute see the in the recent printing it says that part items may take location with parent(s) only. The is no the issue. I have a difficult time picturing a scout leading the way for a talk about 1,2,4 and also 5. Thanks
AS - The scout has actually the discussions through his parent(s) and just demands to permit his counselor know they occurred. A counselor could want a parental to validate that the conversations happened.The merit argorial counselor provides guidance in #6a come the scout about a family members meeting. The topics space ones the parents must be pointing out with their son, and I intend the parent would be leading most of the conversation on "heavy" topics.
My son has actually actually done FL 3 times--ugh!! We readjusted troops climate our old convoy disbanded and we had to re-group. Once he perfect the argorial this time that didn"t end up the forced 90 days during the time the rest of the convoy did it. He it is registered his 90 days to the counselor and she rubbish it saying it was now too late due to the fact that the remainder of the troop had actually completed it and been vested the badge. Is this right?
As the Dean the Merit Badges for my district, the prize is yes and no. The Counselor has the best not to authorize off on any type of requirement. However, if the task has actually been done and her just excuse is the everyone rather is currently finished - that is completely lame - discover a new merit argorial counselor. The shouldn"t matter what any type of other scout walk - just the individual.That said, why did he need to do the 3x? If he has a blue card currently signed off, that should be agree - no issue what troop it come from. Merit badge Counselors are registered through your district/council and can counsel any kind of boy from any troop. Anyone who tells you in different ways needs to walk to a cultivate session. Again though, if it to be a partial, the brand-new MBC has actually the best not to accept it. However, if this MBC is being together a stick in the mud around "process" over "content," it is time to find a different counselor and also recommend that this one goes come a training session on just how to it is in a much better counselor.
How substantial do the projects need to be? Our boy proposed a task to his MBC around landscaping roughly our mailbox. Her response was the planting a couple of flowers most likely wouldn"t be enough enough. That reiterated the it was more than planting flowers. This son dug up the grass, dug holes, planted plants mulched and also watered. The only help we go was journey him come the nursery. He took images throughout and submitted them, climate he to be told the it hadn"t to be preapproved!
Julie - sounds to me like your kid came up v a task that benefits his family, and that his family agreed with. There is no stipulation as to the complexity or level of a project, for this reason that"s a quite weak factor for the counselor come not grant it, if the was the just reason. The counselor does need to provide what the job is going to be and also shouldn"t be supposed to accept any kind of chore excellent after the fact. The reconnaissance should acquire approval because that the project from his parents and his counselor before doing the project. Going ahead with a project that the counselor rejected and then expecting to obtain credit for it wouldn"t work-related for any counselors that ns know.
My scout has actually completed his requirements up come Star. I was told the he will certainly not it is in able to advance any more as the is just with me throughout the summer months and Christmas. His mother is not interested in having him join another troop out of state wherein he currently lives. I was told that he will certainly not be able to finish due to the fact that he will certainly not have the ability to complete his management requirements at the star level. Perform you have any type of suggestion?. He is 12 years old and also really loves Scouting. The has remained in Scouting because the second grade.
Vickie - The leadership requirements you point out are actually positions of responsibility, not leadership. One choice for that is the scoutmaster may assign the a far-reaching task external of the usually used positions. He would certainly talk to his scoutmaster about that.Another choice is that the months of stop a position perform not have to be contiguous - your son could finish a 6 month necessity in two 3-month chunks. That would certainly be resolved with the SPL and scoutmaster.Your kid could also get his driver license as shortly as feasible so he have the right to join a troop and also transport self while living away from you.

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How carry out you attend to a situation where the scout just wrote down the chores castle did over the past 90 days

Jun 28, 2020 - Scouter Paul
Brian - space you asking around requirement #3? that sounds like what the scout is claimed to do.

Aug 23, 2020 - Scouter Lori
One that the functions of requirement #3 is to acquire the enlightenment to discover to keep documents besides letting them watch some ways they add to the family. The first meeting ns ask them come come up with a chart/method and chores and also it needs to be authorized by me. Brushing this is no approved, analysis to a tiny brother 2x wk is. I suggest out how essential for an plane mechanic to store records, same with a Dr or at the bank and how once they get a job some job so they gain paid properly. It"s ok to note they to be sick and also couldn"t do any chores, or they were out of town, or had actually too lot homework - but to just mark it on the chart. Ideally the reconnaissance should note the chart at end of the day and also put post chart some location he/she will remember to mark it - yet doesn"t usually happen that way. Every pair of job is an ext likely. I ask to watch their chart a pair of times throughout the meetings - to save them honest/on track. IF they seem to it is in fudging, I may ask them about how they to be recording, brainstorm v them to come increase with services to do far better and might ask castle to do a couple more weeks of proper recording. Have done numerous scouts and also some fudging common, reexplain prestige of record keeping - when they get their very own car/taking medicine/ordering provides etc. Warranties, etc.The scouts are pretty good - simply need to listen to them and also explain purpose and also work v them.