The Fines/Fees and Restitution Enforcement (FARE) Program is a statewide plan of the Arizona justice branch. The routine was emerged in 2003 to help Arizona courts through the compliance of monetary court orders. Court are provided the capacity to assign exceptional debt associated to polite traffic, criminal traffic and also criminal violations.The routine is a public/private partnership in between the governmental Office the the court (AOC), the Motor car Division, Arizona room of Revenue and a personal vendor.

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program Goals:

Compliance with and Respect because that Court Orders and also the Law. Provide courts with added tools come enforce court orders. Enhanced client Service. administer citizens with easily available and extr information top top what is supposed for compliance, and the penalty for failure to take the suitable action. Consistency and Uniformity in case Processing.

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make justice much more equitable by much more consistent enforcement of court assignment statewide. Efficiencies. Outsourcing choose parts of the collections process will minimize routine, nonjudicial functions, permitting court staff to emphasis their time on customer service and also case processing.

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