Yeah ns am playing mario kart wii xD. I was wonder what would certainly be the best combination of character and kart/bike for 150cc and also in the future mirror aswell. Ns would also like to know how the stats work(off-road handling etc.) If you males could assist me the end thanks!

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Mkwii is a good game, don't feel negative playing it. Best 150cc combo would certainly be one of two people of these: •Funky Kong Flame runner •Daisy Mach bicycle Learn how to drift if girlfriend haven't already, this way choosing manual in the cart select screen. The difference between the two is the transforming radius. Funky Kong Flame jogger has much more speed, vice versa, Daisy Mach have the right to take turns much sharper. I generally prefer the former in GP mode, as breaking far from the CPUs is much less complicated than the is online, and speed help you keep the lead. Daisy Mach cycle is better for evasiveness, and making on-the-fly decisions around dodging eco-friendly shells or various other items, i m sorry helps against others online. Mach cycle is also great for taking transforms sharper, which I'll obtain to in a bit. If friend haven't unlocked this characters: below are the prerequisites: Funky Kong - unlock 4 skilled staff ghosts Daisy - get first in 150cc one-of-a-kind cup. Break down of the stats: Speed: How quick you go, duh. Acceleration: How quick you walk from 0 to max speed. This stat is no as important as that is in MK8, and here is why. Whenever friend hit a wall, or acquire hit by one item, organize break and accelerate at the same time, this will charge a was standing still mini turbo, this is faster than just hitting "a" to gain you back up to speed. As soon as recovering from a fall, hit "a" when you fight the ground, this will cause you to rate up immediately. Handling: exactly how sharp friend take turns on automatically steering. You have to be making use of manual, so you can ignore this stat. Drift: how sharp friend take turns on manual steering. This is important, a balance between speed and drift is her priority. Daisy Mach Bike and also Funky Flame jogger are the two best balances. Off-road: exactly how much you sluggish down once going off-road. This is crucial for part tracks, for instance N64 sherbet floor is every off-road other than the cave section, that is method easier to hug the shoreline on GBA Shyguy beach with an off-road vehicle, despite slightly slower. Also you have the right to take part shortcuts shroomless and have them payoff if you're to run a off-road build. The finest off-road build is Toadette Magikruiser.

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Mini-turbo: How numerous frames of an increasing you obtain after a drift, Mach cycle is better for this, as a an outcome on tracks with lots of turns Mach Bike can take castle sharper and rise longer. Ns think that's it, if you have any questions feel totally free to ask.