So, on this great Friday, our sinful self and also all ours sins rest with Jesus below in His tomb. Our transgressions are fully atoned.

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Then Jesus, calling out v a loud voice, said, “Father, right into your hands i commit my spirit!” and having stated this he breathed his last. – Luke 23:46

It’s Time to Rest

When the occupational is every done, once the job is completed, as soon as what have to be accomplished is achieved, once all is finally finished—well then, it’s time to rest. As soon as the 6th word was spoken by our lord on the cross: it is finished—it was! Jesus thus uttered His seventh and also final word: “Father, right into your hands ns commit mine spirit.”

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, now that all points for the atonement of our sin have actually been accomplished, that time come rest. That is the significance of our Lord’s critical words top top the cross. Having actually completed His work-related of redemption, that does together He did in creation (Genesis 2:3); that takes a rest. Maybe we might even express His last words in today’s street vernacular: Father, ns am outta’ here.

Remember, Jesus went to the cross as the willing, humble Suffering Servant. He said His practical worker in the garden that the angels would be standing down (Matthew 26:53). The would now go the alone. We normally think the the greater the numbers—especially as soon as facing daunting opposition—the far better the opportunity of hold fast and holding out. You know the saying: we deserve to hang together, or we have the right to hang separately. We think that need to our next come under to the last man standing, our reason is certainly lost. And should the last one die, all will just become a bitter storage of great intentions, yet dashed hope. Not so, with the passion of our Lord. Where He goes, he goes alone. But, wherein He goes, the goes not just as the Suffering Servant, but also as our Champion.

As the Second Adam, Jesus deals with off against the strength of sin, death, and also the Unholy Spirit. ~ above the overcome He defeats them all through nothing in His hands but nails and also blood. As soon as it involves singular biblical champions, we typically think the the face-off the David had actually with Goliath and also others favor it. After the trash-talking, it’s time to gain down to the problem at hand. And, we always think the if our male dies, we lose.

Not so with our mr Jesus. The was no in His standing, however rather in His dying that us win. The powers of darkness were beat by His death, and also by that death, we acquire life. The a excellent deal, and also now it’s time because that a Sabbath’s rest. Dearly lovely in Christ, it’s time also for you come rest

So, ~ above this great Friday, our sinful self and also all our sins remainder with Jesus here in His tomb. Our transgressions are fully atoned.

“Father right into your hands ns commend mine Spirit.” together the son commended His spirit to the Father, the commends our as well. We get to rest. They took our Lord’s dead body turn off the cross and laid it right into the donated dig of Joseph that Arimathea (Matthew 27:57-60). Exactly how fitting! The Sabbath job of remainder was about to begin (Luke 23:54) and the human body of Jesus was put into the earth and also laid to rest. The planet is the designated location to remainder from the death to sin (Genesis 3:19). With His body, the human body of our sins were additionally laid to rest in that dark cold tomb. As the Apostle has taught us, our Old Adam was crucified and buried with Him in our baptism and also we can because of this reckon ourself dead to sin permanently (Romans 6:3-4, 11). The fatality He died, He died once for all, so you may rest indigenous the penalty of your sins forever.

So, top top this great Friday, our sinful self and all ours sins remainder with Jesus below in His tomb. Ours transgressions are totally atoned. Ours enslavement come the Law has been overcome. God has actually become fully reconciled come us, simply as us are. We rest in these impressive realities together we are joined to the crucified, dead, and buried Jesus.

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We must understand that because that Jesus, however, this is simply a brief nap. The is not long for this tomb. He will certainly be proclaiming the hell of it all to the devil and all the souls in prison an extremely soon. And then He will certainly make our ear burn as we listen of His north tomb. However for our old sinful self and our sins, they will certainly remain buried in His dig forever. They are finished, and also we might rest on that. It’s all over however the shouting… and we can start with some of that morning night.


about the contributorDr. Steven A. Hein serves together Director the the Concordia Institute because that Christian Studies, an company that uses auxiliary educational services to Christian gatherings throughout the country and also the leadership of Lutheran church in West Africa. Dr. Hein likewise serves together an affiliate professor the theology at Concordia University, Chicago and also the institute of Lutheran Theology. He is the writer of, "Christian Life: cross or Glory?" and "You Can offer an Answer: A study in Christian Apologetics."