This page consists of cheats, hints, Easter eggs, secrets, and tips for final Fantasy VI. We will certainly continually upgrade this page when we come across an ext useful cheats and also tips.

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Final Fantasy using Cheats for SNES

Cast On multiple Targets

You have the ability to actors magic spells top top either every one of your personalities to cure them or on adversaries to attack them every at once. This won't waste any extra MP and also is an extremely useful if you should heal every one of your characters. To execute this, when you space picking the personality or adversary to actors a cure or attack, press L or R and this will certainly select all of either your personalities or every one of the adversaries you can assault at once.

Final Fantasy VI game Genie Codes

The following cheat codes space for game Genie. These deserve to be supplied on a supervisor Nintendo (SNES) through a game Genie an equipment or you have the right to use this on any type of emulator that supports game Genie Codes. If you want a video game Genie Device, girlfriend can constantly Check top top Amazon for one.

New game Only

The complying with Game Genie password only job-related when you're beginning a brand-new game.

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Cheat EffectCheat Code
Start Terra through Atma equippedFA5C-78E5
Start Terra v Blizzard equippedD35C-78E5
Start Terra through Circlet equipped5C58-7655
Start Terra v Enhancer equippedF75C-78E5
Start Terra through Excalibur equippedF65C-78E5
Start Terra through Fire Shield equipped1D58-7675
Start Terra with pressure Armor equippedB058-7685
Start Terra v Genji Armor equippedBC58-7685
Start Terra with Gold Shield equipped9258-7675
Start Terra with Hairband equipped1C58-7655
Start Terra with Ice Shield equipped1F58-7675
Start Terra v Illumina equippedFC5C-78E5
Start Terra through Leather cap equipped1B58-7655
Start Terra v Man-eater equippedD15C-78E5
Start Terra through Mithril Shield equipped9A58-7675
Start Terra with Mithril Vest equipped6B58-7685
Start Terra with secret Veil equipped5B58-7655
Start Terra through Red lid equipped5658-7685
Start Terra v Silk Robe equipped6658-7685
Start Terra with Tempest equipped435C-78E5
Start Terra with White dress equipped6858-7685

The adhering to Game Genies password will work-related without having actually to begin a brand-new game.

Cheat EffectCheat Code
Always have sprint shoesDDA4-8767
Become level 99 after one battle1723-54D8
Get 12k EXP after every battleCB17-84D6
Infinite HPADF0-ED66 + D6F0-EDA6 + 8DF0-EFD6 + 0CF0-EF06 + 1DF0-EF66
Infinite MP throughout battle8273-8DD6
Infinite MP exterior of battle8B4E-770E
No random battles walking throughout the overworld6DFA-5658
No arbitrarily battles walking in dungeons1DA1-E40D
Random fight every step on the overworld2DFA-5658
Random item after each battleAA24-E7D8

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