In the 1900s we mailed letters an ext often 보다 we execute in the 2000s. Us now have actually internet, email and also of course texting. Once we send anything through the letter we need a postal stamp and also the very first female actress to have her face imprinted ~ above a postage stamp was grace Kelly.

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Grace Patricia Kelly was born on November 12, 1929 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to john Brendan “Jack” Kelly and also Margaret Katherine Majer. At very early age, Grace made decision she wanted to enter acting. After her high college graduation in 1947, grace headed to brand-new York to view where that would certainly take her, regardless of her parent’s objections and comments. Grace operated briefly together a model and also made she debut top top Broadway in 1949. Because of Grace no being comfortable with work in new York, she relocated to southerly California to seek acting in activity pictures.

In 1951, she appeared in her very first film called 14 hours at the period of 22. The following year, she landed the function of Amy Kane in High Noon, a western starring Gary Cooper and also Lloyd Bridges. In 1953, Grace showed up in only one film, yet popular nonetheless (Mogambo). The film was among the best films ever released through Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. Her work with Director, Alfred Hitchcock, which started with Dial M for Murder, made she a star. She was cast opposite

James Stewart, that played a crippled photographer that witnesses a killing in the next apartment. Grace stayed busy in 1954 appearing in five films. Grace would certainly forever it is in immortalized by winning the Academy award for finest Actress for she portrayal the Georgie Elgin the contrary Bing crossby in The nation Girl (1954). In 1955, Grace once again teamed with Hitchcock in To record a theif (1955) co-starring wear Grant. Grace met and also married Prince Rainier the Monaco. By becoming a princess, she provided up her acting career. On September 14, 1982, Grace passed away in an car accident, in France, at age 52.

Grace Kelly hold the title of among the many beautiful females in the world with she beauty, grace, talent and also style on and off screen. Grace no much longer acted after ~ her marital relationship but committed a the majority of her time to raising funds for charity and also helping the disadvantage.

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Since the an initial postage stamps, practically every one of them has lugged a message around our heritage, our diverse society and the people and events that have actually helped developed this an excellent nation. I can see why this extraordinary icon is pictured top top a United states Postal Stamp.