Hitting 500 house runs is the gold standard amongst sluggers in baseball. The perform of members of the 500 residence run society reads prefer a "who"s who" perform of the all-time greats with names choose Ruth, Aaron, Mays, binding etc. Hitting 500 house runs was once taken into consideration a guarantee ticket to Cooperstown but that has all readjusted after the steroid scandal that the 1990s. Transparent MLB history, there have actually only to be 28 players that joined the 500 home run society (as of 2021). On august 11, 1929, Babe Ruth became the charter member that the club. It would certainly be 11 years prior to a second player accomplished the feat. 11 that the 28 football player hit their 500th homer in the 2000s.

The Babe was also the an initial American league player to hit 500 homers. Mel Ott came to be the charter member of the 500 residence run society for the National league on respectable 1, 1945.

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Records and Trivia


Alex Rodriguez is the youngest player to hit 500 residence runs; that did so in ~ 32 years, 8 days old. A-Rod is also the youngest player in American League background to struggle 500 home runs. Willie Mays is the youngest 500 home run hitter in National organization history; he did so at the age of 34 years, 130 job old. Ted Williams was the oldest player come hit his 500th home run; he did so at 41 years, 292 work old. The quickest player in major League history to struggle 500 house runs is mark McGwire; that hit his 500th homer in his 1,639th game and also his 5,487th at-bat. Sammy Sosa was the quickest National organization player in background to reach 500 residence runs; that did so in his 1,651th game and also his 6,382nd at-bat in the NL. Babe Ruth hold the document in the American League; he got to the mark in his 1,740th game and also his 5,801st at-bat. Eddie Murray took the longest time in history to hit 500 residence runs, he reached the mark in his 2,950th game and also his 11,095th in ~ bat.

Members of the 500 residence Run Club

There are right now 28 players in the 500 home Run Club. The many recent player to sign up with the society is Miguel Cabrera, that hit his 500th house run on respectable 22, 2021. He and Albert Pujols room the only members the the club who are right now active.

The members

PlayerHome RunsDate of 500thTeamsSeasons
Barry Bonds762April 17, 2001Pittsburgh, san Francisco1986-2007
Hank Aaron755July 4, 1968Milwaukee/Atlanta, Milwaukee (AL)1954-1976
Babe Ruth714August 11, 1929Boston (AL), new York (AL), Boston (NL)1914-1935
Alex Rodriguez696August 8, 2007Seattle, Texas, brand-new York (AL)1994-2016
Albert Pujols679April 22, 2014St. Louis, Los Angeles (AL), Los Angeles (NL)2001-Present
Jim Thome612September 16, 2007Cleveland, Philadelphia, Chicago (AL), Los Angeles (NL), Minnesota1991-2012
Willie Mays660September 13, 1965New York/San Francisco, brand-new York (NL)1951-1973
Ken Griffey, Jr.

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630June 20, 2004Seattle, Cincinnati, Chicago (AL)1989-2010
Sammy Sosa609April 4, 2003Texas, Chicago (AL), Chicago (NL), Baltimore1989-2007
Frank Robinson586September 13, 1971Cincinnati, Baltimore, Los Angeles (NL), California, Cleveland1956-1976
Mark McGwire583August 5, 1999Oakland St. Louis1987-2001
Harmon Killebrew573August 8, 1971Washington/Minnesota, Kansas City1954-1975
Rafael Palmeiro569May 11, 2003Chicago (NL), Texas, Baltimore1986-2005
Reggie Jackson563September 17, 1984Oakland, Baltimore, new York (AL), California1967-1987
Manny Ramirez555May 31, 2008Cleveland, Boston, Los Angeles (NL), Tampa Bay1993-2011
Mike Schmidt548April 18, 1987Philadelphia1972-1989
David Ortiz541September 12, 2015Minnesota, Boston (AL)1997-2016
Mickey Mantle536May 14, 1967New York (AL)1951-1968
Jimmie Foxx534September 24, 1940Philadelphia (AL), Boston (AL), Chicago (NL), Philadelphia (NL)1925-1945
Ted Williams521June 17, 1960Boston (AL)1939-1960
Willie McCovey521June 30, 1978San Francisco, san Diego, Oakland1959-1980
Frank Thomas521June 28, 2007Chicago (AL), Toronto, Oakland1990-2001
Eddie Mathews512July 14, 1967Boston/Milwaukee/Atlanta, Houston, Detroit1952-1968
Ernie Banks512May 12, 1970Chicago (NL)1953-1971
Mel Ott511August 1, 1945New York (NL)1926-1947
Gary Sheffield509April 17, 2009Milwaukee, mountain Diego, Florida, Los Angeles (NL), Atlanta, brand-new York (AL), Detroit, brand-new York (NL)1988-2009
Eddie Murray504September 6, 1996Baltimore, Los Angeles (NL), brand-new York (NL), Cleveland, Anaheim1977-1997
Miguel Cabrera502August 22, 2021Florida, Detroit2003-present

Players in bold space still active; totals room until the finish of 2021 season.