Given listed below is the flight time from brand-new York, United states to Jerusalem, Israel. Trip time calculator to calculate time required to reach Jerusalem from brand-new York through air. The nearest plane to new York is man F Kennedy worldwide Airport (JFK) and the nearest airport come Jerusalem is Jerusalem airport (JRS)

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Flight time from brand-new York come Jerusalem is 10 hours 30 minutes

Non-Stop flight duration native JFK to TLV is 10 hours 30 minutes (Operated through El Al Israel Airlines)

Non-stop flight time is approximately 10 hours 45 minutes.

Non-stop flight time indigenous United says (JFK) come Israel (JRS) by various airlines

JFK ➝ TLV 10 hours 30 minutes
El Al Israel airline
JFK ➝ TLV 10 hours 31 minutes
Delta waiting Lines

Number the Airports in Jerusalem :None number of Airports in brand-new York :2 international Airport

Distance Between brand-new York, United claims & Jerusalem, Israel is 9150 Kilo Meters

Flight time from new York, United says to airports near Jerusalem, Israel

Direct flight and also one stop trip time from man F Kennedy international Airport, brand-new York to airports nearest come Jerusalem is provided in the table below

JourneyDestination AirportsDurationStops
JFK - TLVTel Aviv Yafo, Ben Gurion international Airport 10 hrs 30 mins Non-Stop

New York time is7 hoursbehind Jerusalem

Current time in new York, United says : Wed, 8 Dec, 2021,New York Timezone: EST (-05:00)

12:49 pm

Current time in Jerusalem, Israel :, Wed, 8 Dec, 2021,Jerusalem Timezone: EET (+02:00)

07:49 pm

Flight Time between new York & Jerusalem • JFK - JRS trip Duration

How lengthy is the flight from brand-new York to Jerusalem? What is the New York - Jerusalem flight duration? What is the paris time from new York come Jerusalem? discover answer to these questions...

JFK come JRS trip - brand-new York Airport to Jerusalem Airport trip Route Map

The airports map below shows the ar of brand-new York airport & Jerusalem Airport. Understand the flight direction and New York to Jerusalem flight path

new York - Lat: 40.6444, Long: -73.7827 Jerusalem - Lat: 31.8675, Long: 35.2144

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Find trip time native John F Kennedy international Airport or brand-new York or any kind of other airport or city in United claims to assorted other destinations about the people using this flight time calculator.

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Find flight time indigenous John F Kennedy worldwide Airport or brand-new York or any kind of other airport or city in United claims to assorted other destinations approximately the people using this flight time calculator.

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