What is the proper way to collection the valve lash top top the 300 in my "84 Bronco? I have actually read 1/4 turn past being able come no much longer spin the pushrod v your fingers. I additionally read torquing come 20 ft/lbs is the method to perform it. And also is this done while the piston for the valve is in ~ TDC or BDC?

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There space THREE types of rocker eight attachments used: (1)straight 3/8 studs, (2)3/8 studs v a shoulder and 5/16 NF threads, (3)or 5/16 screw-down stamped pedastal rocker arms.If her head has actually the 3/8 studs v 3/8 NF threads you will need to readjust the rocker eight preload. Check out my description in the FAQ. All adjustments space to it is in made at optimal Dead facility firing bicycle (NOT overlap). Additionally be sure the engine has seen oil pressure and that every the lifter body are full of oil by turning over the motor through oil press for at the very least two transformations to insure the lifter body are full of oil, no air. 1/4 come 1/2 turn previous "snug" is sufficient.If her head has the shoulder 3/8 stud v 5/16 threads then the nut should be torqued to the tightening spec.If her head has stamped rocker v pedastal and 5/16 bolts then the bolt have to be torqued come the tightening spec.Your engine probably has either the 5/16 shoulder studs or the bolt-down stamped rockers with pedastals.

In every of the 3 cases, the talk on the rocker arm has actually nothing to do with the lifter preload. In situation 1 (3/8 stud), the torque compelled to revolve the nut is merely the torque forced to get rid of the locking feature. It takes a particular amount of speak to revolve the nut. As soon as the preferred lifter preload is acheived, you just leave the nut whereby it is and also move on. If you are using polylocks, you would tighten the locking feature at that point.In situation 2 (stepped stud) and 3 (pedestal mount), the torque compelled is merely to lock the seed (or bolt) in place. The actual final preload set point of the lifter occurs at the immediate of steel to steel contact. From that allude onward, the actual torquing does not add to preload, however rather simply tightening the fastener to prevent it from loosening.with all the different valves swapped on these heads and also rocker arms (250/292 chev), ns cant think I dont hear more stories about pushrod length and proper geometry on this motors. Top top the tiny block ford stuff, its a really contested topic and also it is checked incorrectly most everytime. Forcing the rocker contact to the center of the valve stem pointer is absolutely exactly how NOT to carry out it.Like FTF defined 1/4 - 1/2 turn beyond the zero lash suggest is about perfect. You can go less and also that is also better, but most aren"t comfortable law that. Even running in ~ zero or also a .002 space can work. The ford performance tuning specs in the late 60"s encourage this.The feel of "zero lash" is what most people do not catch on to. Friend can adjust at TDC (compression stroke, both valves completely closed) like FTF described, and then go thru the shooting order because that each cylinder in ~ TEC compression stroke, or you have the right to go valve by valve at each cylinder. When the intake is in ~ max lift, adjust the exhaust. Once the exhaust is just start to lift off the seat, change the intake. When you get to the exactly rotation to adjust a valve/s, loosen the bolt or nut, till the pushord is loose. Then begin transforming to to decrease the pushrod slop. The an extremely instant all slack is taken increase in the pushrod, it is at zero lash (note: it is still fairly easy to turn the pushrod). The zero point is the prompt that pushrod slop is take away up. Climate preload occurs beyond that point, as FTF described. However torque and pre-load need to be decoupled due to the fact that they room not related. Torque walk not provide the preload. V scenario 3 (pedastal), over there is no a totality lot you can do. You acquire what girlfriend get, uneven you spend alot of time through shims and/or trimming pedestals. This are just a PITA, there is no shims, machining, you have actually no way of managing or setup preload.With scenario 2, you have the right to go to polylocks that have actually a counterbored action not influenced by the 5/16 step. Other than that, you acquire what you get.They offered +/- .020 (i think it is the delta) to cover gasket differences and also valve jobs. But couple of people ever used them.With scenario 1, you have the right to truly control/adjust lifter preload without much fuss.The huge thing I wanted chime in on is that torque the the rocker arm has actually nothing to execute with lifter preload.

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Wow lots of great info here. Ns didn"t understand there were so countless different types. Here"s a pic right before I traction the head off. Can you tell which form it is indigenous that?