Your Ford Explorer’s door ajar article can aid you acquire a door every the way closed when you otherwise wouldn’t an alert when it was open. End the life that the vehicle, the is feasible for the door ajar warning to stay on also when the doors are, in fact, no ajar. The door ajar warning staying on is usually caused by a poor door jamb switch.

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Door Ajar Symptoms: Ford Explorer

Here room the most usual symptoms as soon as the door jamb switch has failed, or the door ajar warning continues to be on.

Dome light on– If your explorer thinks that the door is ajar, it’ll leaving the dome irradiate on. This can produce some visibility concerns at night. Most vehicles have some type of switch that deserve to deactivate the dome light. Dead battery– some makes and models will automatically turn the dome light off after a certain duration of time through no vital in the ignition. Some don’t. If it remains on every night, that might be sufficient to drain some battery. Be conscious of this. If girlfriend don’t have actually a dome light cut off button, you may wish to disconnect the bulb or battery overnight, or at the very least verify the the dome light turns off after ~ 20 or therefore minutes. Wind Howl– If you room hearing a windy noise while driving that offered to not be there, that’s an indication that some type of structural issue is leading to the door ajar switch from being deactivated. This can happen frequently after an accident.

Door Ajar irradiate Causes: Ford Explorer

Usually, the door ajar light is going come be brought about by a negative door jamb switch. Most of the time, they are pretty straightforward to find. Typically, it’ll watch something favor the move pictured below. It’s commonly one or two bolts to replace, and they’re cheap.


If the auto has recently been in an accident (like a bad one), the door jamb switch might no longer be making ideal contact through the door. If the is the situation it’s just going come be part of the larger amount of body job-related that is essential to gain your automobile safely ago on the road.

Is Driving with the Door Ajar Warning Safe?

It is safe to drive v the door ajar warning on, as long as you’ve made sure that every one of the doors room securely shut. Your explorer thinking that the door is ajar have the right to keep the strength locks native working. If that is the case, make certain that friend manually lock the doors when you feel the need.

The biggest concern concerning your safety and security with the door ajar irradiate on is the dome light. It’s no a huge deal to have it on throughout the day time, yet at night it can decrease her visibility, which is not safe. Many vehicles have actually a hands-on override button for the dome light, which transforms off all the lamp in the car at all times.

If your explorer doesn’t have this switch, we recommend remove the bulb(s) end driving through them top top overnight. Even if friend feel choose you can see fine, most civilization eventually gain a headache from driving this way.

Conclusion: traveler Door Ajar stays On

Replacing a door jamb move is a very simple repair. It typically fixes this problem. You’ll require to number out what switch has actually gone bad. It’s finest to start by pushing down on every one of them and seeing if one is grounding or feel different.

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Usually the driver’s door attract out an initial since it it s okay the most action. An excellent luck fixing your Explorer. If there is anything the you might add, please feel totally free to leaving a comment below.