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My vehicle started to overheat so ns pulled over and also put water in mine radiator reasoning that to be it. However no. My fans werent kicking on. I know the second one is for my AC(which I never use) however my main one wasnt. I replaced the rely and nothing. I also replaced the fuse and check every connections. Ns turned ~ above the AC to view if the secondary fan come on however it didn"t either. Any type of ideas?

You have to put direct existing to the fan key harness to check each fan"s operation. Also, if fans job-related hooked up directly to battery, then inspect the pan relays.R9 cooling fanR10 cooling fanR15 High speed fan (ac)R16 low rate fanD2<><><><><><>cooling pan diodeCheck these out...........

Fuse? check your owner"s manual or look up a PDF owner"s hand-operated (guide) online and that will have fuse locations with circuit descriptions. The 2 common problems for the Zetec engine room the cooling pan plug-in connector it s okay overheated, cracks, and also sometimes the wires just break off. The 2nd problem is that the cooling fan resistor pack goes out. In the case, the AC trick need to work. Yet if your AC doesn"t have actually a fee or it"s too cold for the AC come on, or the cabin air pan isn"t comes in- climate the AC won"t revolve the pan on. There are ways to bypass the AC controls to pressure the AC circuit to work and the pan to come on. If you desire that information, you need to be mindful to return every little thing to ideal working order before you hook your compressor increase again. It can additionally be a poor CHT, specifically if her engine temp is not mirroring on the gauge, or not reflecting correctly. Usage the digital odometer test mode trick to screen actual engine temp readings and see if those are everywhere close to genuine world. If you have actually a friend with an infrared thermometer, that will be advantageous in dual checking the reading. I would certainly not be surprised come see about a 5-10C (all CHT readings room in C) difference between an infrared thermometer and also the CHT reading using test mode. To obtain into test mode: key off, press and also hold odo reset button, turn an essential on, proceed to organize reset switch until odometer reads . Release, currently each time friend press and also release the odo reset switch you"ll scroll through one of 30 test functions. You are looking for one that reads < 15 C> or every little thing your approximately temperature must be in C at the time with a cold engine. The odometer will remain in test setting until you rotate the key to the OFF place so you have the right to start the engine in test mode, drive around, and see what happens. Ns would check the cooling fan fuse, climate plug-in connector and harness very first for obvious signs that damage. If those room ok, then the problem is elsewhere.

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