The overdrive (O/D) irradiate on your dash have the right to mean two an extremely different things, depending upon whether it is lighting up and staying on, or even if it is it is flashing or blinking. So, how do you know when you have the right to drive safely and also when you...

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The overdrive (O/D) irradiate on her dash can mean two an extremely different things, depending upon whether it is bright up and also staying on, or whether it is flashing or blinking. So, how do you recognize when you can drive safely and when friend can’t?

Here are some points to know around driving through the overdrive:

If the overdrive light comes on and stays on, you have actually nothing to concern about. Every it means is the the overdrive in your car is off. Overdrive is merely a system that enables your automobile to keep a steady rate while you room driving, and also reduces engine rate by changing your vehicle into a equipment ratio the is greater than the drive gear.

Overdrive boosts fuel economy, and makes for much less wear and also tear top top the auto when you are driving at highway speeds. Having the overdrive turn off is fine if you are driving in hilly areas, yet if you room on the highway, it is best to have it on since you will certainly get far better gas mileage.

To gain the overdrive irradiate to turn off, and also use your optimal gear, girlfriend should be able to locate a switch on the side of your gearshift the will permit you to change the setting.

If your overdrive light is flashing or blinking, you room not walk to have the ability to correct the issue by pushing a button. It means that other is wrong through your car’s transmission – perhaps the variety or rate sensors, or the solenoid.

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If the overdrive irradiate is flashing, friend should have a qualified mechanic come check your transmission. Once your overdrive light begins to flash, your car’s computer will store a “trouble code” that will identify the type of breakdown that is leading to the problem. As soon as the concern has been diagnosed, we deserve to correct the problems in her vehicle’s transmission.

So, deserve to you journey safely with the overdrive light on? If it is on and also not blinking, the answer is yes. If it is blinking or flashing, the answer is "maybe.” Transmission problems should never be ignored, therefore make certain to get the problem with her overdrive light confirm out, and also any vital repairs done.