In both, Romeo and Juliet and also in video game of Thrones, the family members lose what is closest come them trying come become far better than the various other family. They come to be blinded by the pursuit for power and also them yearn to it is in the best, and also lose emphasis on what is most crucial to them. They damage the stays of every the civilization in Verona for their petty squabble because that power. The households have lost the purpose of the feud over centuries and it is now just a fight between two an effective houses.

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Lannisters vs. Starks

The Montagues and also Capulets are blinded by your feud. The feud has actually lasted for generations and also some of castle don’t even know what the feud is about. “Two households, both alike in dignity,… from ancient grudge rest to brand-new mutiny. Whereby civil blood provides civil hands unclean (Prologue).” The households are not caring about what happens to the people of Verona. Civil blood renders civil hands unclean reflects that the world serving the Montagues and also the Capulets are required to fight and also kill each other for the benefit of the top of those households. They use their power to reason fights and also ruin plenty of people’s lives. “Alas, mine liege, my mam is dead this evening (5.3 heat 218).” Montague’s wife kills herself and also his only son Romeo eliminated himself. Montague lost what was closest come him due to the fact that he couldn’t turn his back on his pride and also had to continue the feud through Capulet. His wife eliminated herself since Romeo to be exiled due to killing Tybalt since of the feud and also the pride between the 2 households. They become so focused on their feud the their youngsters end up killing themselves.

“O brothers Montague, provide me thy hand. This is mine daughter’s jointure, because that no more can i demand. Yet I can give thee more, for I will ray she statue in pure gold, that whiles Verona by that name is known, there shall no number at such rate be collection as that of true and faithful Juliet (5.3).”

They realize at the end of this feud the they have killed both of their children and are walking to end the feud and honor your children.

The families of game of Thrones just care about their legacy. The Lannisters and also the Starks forget about their families and their duties to heighten their legacy. The Lannisters are thought about the most an effective house in the 7 kingdoms. They want everyone to fear them and also bow come them. They start a war through the Starks to show their power by killing Ned Stark. This sends the 7 kingdoms into chaos when the north rallies behind the proud distinct house and also ride come war. This death thousands for the petty war between the Starks and the Lannisters. The battle ends up getting Rob, Ned, and also Lady Stark killed while fighting the Lannisters and also leaving the younger children to fend because that themselves. The Lannisters dad Tywin, and Cersei’s three youngsters all get killed end the family’s pride.

The Tyrells are an additional house of strength in the 7 kingdoms and they space close come overthrowing the Lannisters because that the most powerful family in the seven kingdoms. Cercei becomes so concentrated on damaging the Tyrell name the Joffrey, her very first born child gets poisoned by Lady Tyrell and killed. She pride and also her greed expense her she son. In season 7, illustration 7, Cersei claims that she would burn the civilization as long as she family’s legacy survives. This proves that she would kill every single person in the 7 kingdoms simply to save her family’s tradition intact. Both households have forgotten their families and also friends. They have caused thousands to dice over the legacy of their families and also the feud in between the two residences that it prices them their families.

The feud in between the family members in Romeo and also Juliet and also in game of Thrones blind the family members from what is most crucial to them. That shows how the crave because that power and the hatred of other families makes them no think about their actions and also shed blood throughout Verona or the seven Kingdoms. Lock lose focus on who they care around most whether it is their kids or their fathers and also mothers and also lose castle forever. The fight in between families is represented throughout time native Romeo and also Juliet as soon as it was created by Shakespeare to currently in a modern day display like video game of Thrones.

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I had actually to figure out the both households were propelled by power and had shed sight of what is vital to them. You must care about it due to the fact that it shows why the occasions happen in game of Thrones and also Romeo and Juliet. I created an organizer and also then wrote a unstable draft. I check out through my stormy draft and also thought around how i could attach everything and include in textual evidence. Ns learned that the personalities with power drive the occasions of the entire present or movie. Mine conclusions issue in a more comprehensive context due to the fact that it is a design template in practically all reflects with two households of power.