Synopsis: miles plans to death Kimbley and his subordinates, yet Edward is reluctant to take lives. Scar, Marcoh, and also Mei try to decipher few of Scar"s brother"s notes. Later, they discover Alphonse sticking out of the snow. ~ digging the up, he cautions them about main soldiers at Briggs. Scar speak them they have the right to hide in a surrounding Ishbalan refugees camp. Edward confronts Kimbley, who has established what mile is up to. He supplies his alchemy come evade the sniper, and also his subordinates, who space chimera, attack Ed. Ed uses alchemy to disable castle via their feeling of smell and also again confronts Kimbley, hitting the Philosopher"s stone out the his hand. However, Kimbley has another stone in his mouth and also uses that to destroy the mining tower, happen it down on Ed and the chimera. Edward concerns with a giant metal pipe sticking out of him. V the help of the chimeras, he provides alchemy to remove it and heal himself, losing consiousness from exhaustion. The chimeras, emotion betrayed by Kimbley, decision to take him to safety.Comments:


It seems choose there"s another scratchy voice contest in between Vic Mignogna and also Eric Vale in this episode, despite at least Vic tones it down a tiny towards the end. Kimbley"s voice yes, really grates. As if putting up v Marcoh"s voice for this display wasn"t bad enough. Once Envy comes earlier into the picture, it"s tied to obtain worse. The shipment is as pitiful together ever, too. I remember when I referred to Eric Vale together "the Vic Mignogna who have the right to act". Vic is in reality doing a far better job in this episode.

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Speaking of Vic Mignogna"s Edward, I assumed he tackled Edward"s screams native his injury and also self-healing fairly well. The didn"t ring false together he periodically does when trying come convey strong emotion. Ns really felt choose this character remained in a huge amount of physics pain. Humorously, us won"t see Edward again for a few episodes. The figures.

I"m tho finding the chimera voices to be very generic. Perhaps it"s because of the result on their voices. It"s no as though the Japanese voices for the personalities were that distinct, so i guess i can"t complain also loudly about it. It just bothers me periodically when I"m listening come them. Ns think among them is kris Rager, the voice the Her--- Mr. Satan in DBZ.

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Otherwise, a many the others do pretty well. Maxey Whitehead"s Al is still great, Monica Rial"s may is good, and I still really gain Miles" VA"s performance. Rose will be showing up in the following episode, and also there"ll be plenty of Pride and Hohenheim, too, so I"ll it is in making certain to listen in to them especially.