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Drew Lawson is a senior basketball at sight star at Baldwin Academy, that is one season far from college. He wants to make senior year his best season yet. In his an initial three seasons, his team lost in the championships; this time drew wants to command his team to the championship title and also bring it home. Yet there is likewise something stopping this superstar already looking college: his grades. Basketball because that him is above and beyond, however his grades haven’t measured as much as his athletic super stardom.

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I love how Walter Dean Myers to be so descriptive during games and how the sounds, thoughts, and feelings were comprehensive enough to do me feel like I to be Drew. I also play basketball, therefore I might see how drew passed come Ruffy top top the post, or Sky set a pick, etc. I could likewise feel how attracted felt after ~ winning or losing: emotions many readers can connect to. Some other worthwhile books around basketball are Kwame Alexander’s Crossover, a free-verse novel, and also Mike Lupica’s Travel Team, a sports-fiction book.

Myers’ novel is a fast read, through a many basketball time, and also a many twists which do the publication enjoyable, as it bounced among the basketball team, the games and Drew’s family. I appreciated that attracted was concentrated on success. He would shot to gain the ideal grades the possibly could for two reasons: one, therefore he could proceed to pat basketball, and also make his mother, father, and sister proud. Also, one of his motivations is that among his teammates to be caught and put in come custody for equipped shoplifting and robbery. Attracted wants to play because that him, as if that played fine enough, his friend, Tony would be freed.

Drew thrived so lot as a character during hard time in Myers’ novel. Ideal off the bat, Tony’s incarceration changed how attracted thought around playing basketball. Also, his relationship shifted over the season, particularly with one of the new white kids. Tomas originates from Prague, Czechoslovakia. He play there, however he was flooded, and his father obtained a job in brand-new York.He make the efforts to bring him right into the basketball “family” in ~ Baldwin , and that is additionally a way Drew adjusted as a key character. He also grew by playing, as any type of other athlete would: through technique and friendships.

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Any basketball player out there will love Myers’ novel, and also I might easily check out it again and love that every time. My rating: one hundred and ten the end of one hundred.


Harper Teen, 218 Pages

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