If you picked up her copy that Gears of battle 2 used, friend now have actually a possibility to get your hands on the elusive gold-plated Lancer, which to be -- until now -- only easily accessible via a voucher code consisted of with brand-new copies the the game. It"s available now on the Xbox Live Marketplace as a totally free download.

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Don"t look for this reason surprised. Previously in the month, Microsoft released the remind Map fill -- an additional item originally made available only to brand-new buyers of the game -- on the Marketplace. At least this time, the contents is free. No native if the will continue to be that way.


Download the In-game yellow Lancer because that Gears 2


This is gonna piss of every the world who walk the restricted edition verison.

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Works too, just tried this. Ns didn"t have the money to pre-order the game to gain this, so, I"m happy I got it now. If only they would offer the golden Hammerburst away now...


for it start free, yes, really don"t check out myself utilizing it though, no a pan of that look! I choose the conventional lancer

I gained my minimal Edition that Gears of battle 2 at Christmas, totally packaged etc. And also it didn"t have actually the gold Lancer password inside...

Looked fucking dreadful anyway....Not bothered. Only got the minimal editon because that the arts book and also Steel case.

I"m not surprised the they placed it ~ above live: I simply thought it would certainly be like 200msp simply to squeese a bit much more out the people.


Still does kinda defeat the suggest of exclusives...

I purchase the restricted edition game, however i"m not really fussed the the golden Lancer is totally free now. Enough people online seemed to have actually it anyway that it never felt favor there was any kind of kind of "prestige" to it to begin with. I"m more than happy with the steelbook and art book that my extra money paid for.


same here... I have actually both gold tools now, so glad MS decided to give away the golden lancer. I simply hope this doesn"t make more bad kids online use it because that the chainsaw.

I"d it is in a bit annoyed if I"d purchase the minimal edition solely for the gold lancer. However I"ve never ever used the gold tools anyways. I think they look tacky. Yet that"s simply me.


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