Back in the at an early stage "80s, two musical relatives of country-music legends began creating their own legend. That"s once David Frizzell, brother of Lefty, and also Shelly West, daughter the Dottie, ended up being country"s hottest duo, teaming up because that a collection of struggle singles that contained "I simply Came right here to Dance," "Another Honky-Tonk Night top top Broadway" and the monster charttopper "You"re the factor God made Oklahoma."

Later, Frizzell had his very own solo hit through the No. 1 "I"m Gonna hire a Wino to Decorate our Home," in addition to several other nationally charted songs.

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West consequently faded from the nationwide spotlight, however Frizzell hung in there, proceeding to work-related shows and record discs because that labels big and small. Now, some two years after his greatest hits, he"s released a brand-new attack on the charts through "David Frizzell 2001" (Nashville America Records). The disc, due in shop on Tuesday, functions a remake of "I"m Gonna rental a Wino" in addition to 11 other brand-new songs -- including 4 duets v a big-voiced mrs singer.

"When we started doing the album, they talked about bringing in one more Nashville singer, someone who had a surname at the very least as huge as mine," stated Frizzell in a recent telephone interview. "But i don"t think that would"ve worked. Peggy brings a steadiness to it, a down-home, sincere, great country feeling. It"s a realism that"s very honest and really country.

"She"s got sufficient enthusiasm for all of Nashville, too," he included with a chuckle, "and we require a small of that ideal now."

"I recognize he was advised to go with someone with more of a name," stated Rains recently. "And I"m really flattered, and also thankful, that he didn"t."

The story of exactly how Rains became Frizzell"s duet partner is just an additional illustration the what she dubbed "the story of mine music job -- gift in the right location at the ideal time." In this instance, the place was the cool Grove Opry in 1998.

Rains -- whose first album, developed by Nashville veteran Joe Bob Barnhill and her manager beam Bingham, had become an unexpected hit in Europe -- had been booked to open up for Frizzell, who was the headliner.

"Honestly, it to be the second paid project I ever before had (as a singer)," rain recalled. "I was wait to rehearse while David was doing his sound check, and I was simply standing there in awe. Ns mean, I"d never been about anything favor that, and here i was standing and watching David Frizzell. Then (bandleader) Rodney lay turned around and also said, `Peggy, carry out you recognize the native to that "Oklahoma" song?" "

"Well, that course ns knew it. I was a Cherokee county girl, and that was our nationwide anthem." She laughed. "Even if ns hadn"t well-known it, though, ns would"ve made the up, just to acquire the chance. I acquired up and sang it v him at sound check; ns didn"t hit the high note, and also I worried around that for 4 hours. But when ns sang the in the show, i hit it."

"I remember when he asked if anyone knew the song and Peggy came running up," added Frizzell. "She sang v me that night, and we"ve been to sing together ever since."

Eventually, Frizzell asked rains to come to Nashville and also see just how their voices blended, informing her, together Rains remembers it, the "we can sound well on stage together, however singing in the studio is a whole various thing." The first song she tackled to be the ballad "Could It be We dropped in Love Tonight," a Frizzell original. He"d currently laid down his vocal track; it was up to her to fit the record.

"It was tough for me," she admitted. "I knew how to execute it, and also what it to be about, but it to be a small out of my range. Us did the over and also over again till I was ready to cry or go earlier to Oklahoma. Finally, i remembered what Joe Bob Barnhill called me once. He said, `If you"re having actually trouble, if it"s also high for you, just say the lyric. That"s what Willie Nelson does, and it works for him."

It worked so well, in fact, that it do it come the "David Frizzell 2001" disc. "Could that Be" and the three various other duets space complemented by eight Frizzell solo monitor -- consisting of the very first single native the CD, "You"ve simply Been plunder by Jesse James."

At first, Frizzell thrust for another track, "I Ain"t walking If over there Ain"t No Hank," as the debut single. It"s a fine hard-country song that evokes the surname of both Hank Williams and also Frizzell"s brother Lefty, and, the said, it will most likely be the second song exit to radio.

"We want to come out there through something that was a small bit different," that explained, "and when you listen to the album, there"s about a thumbnail"s precious of difference between `Jesse James" and also the other songs.

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"Plus, as soon as we were trying to number out the an initial single, i was talk to some people who were under from Michigan. They claimed they were large country music fans -- yet they didn"t understand who Hank and Lefty were. Really. However they did understand who Jesse James was. I started thinking that if you wanted to surname the height five human being in American history, Jesse James would probably be on there. Everyone knows who he is.

"So," that concluded with an additional chuckle, "I figured I"d gain their attention v Jesse, and also then fight "em through Hank and also Lefty."

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