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Now you have the opportunity to sign up with the Duncan family members for a new challenge in the point out the distinction game! together you might already know, the characters from the great Luck Charlie series are constantly ready to take it up brand-new tasks and also develop their an abilities together. This time, Teddy, PJ, and also Gabe room trying come teach Charlie, your younger sisters, a brand new ability: spotting differences. You have the chance to become a component of the Duncan household adventure and also lend your heroes a helping hand!

It's time to put your intelligence, speed, and also attention come details come the test in this interesting game featuring your favorite characters. Gain the upbeat music and also lively environment of this video game while helping her favorite and adorable toddler obtain a new life skill! perform you think you space up because that the task?

Buckle up for a new challenge!

The game consists of fifteen levels. Lock are arranged on three tiers that difficulty: Easy, Medium, and Hard. Each group features 3 normal levels and also an extra bonus an obstacle if you an elaborate yourself together an expert! save in mind that you have the right to only relocate forward if you settle all the previous images, so it is in patient and also persevere!

The gameplay is rather straightforward. Every level consists of two remarkably comparable images inserted side by side. They all feature varied scenes from the Duncans' family members life. Your mission is come spot every the inconsistencies between the 2 in the allotted time. To carry out so, you merely need to move her cursor across one next of the screen. You will an alert that a similar cursor will appear automatically on the other image, do it much easier for you come see any differences. Once you have discovered what you were looking for, click and watch the points pour in!

Be warned! If you think the clicking randomly across the whole image is the vital to quick success, think again! Every time you do a mistake, a certain amount of points will be subtracted, and also you will likewise receive a time penalty. Yikes!

Tips and also tricks for an expert!

The game could seem extremely straightforward and relaxing. Nevertheless, girlfriend will uncover that there space unforeseen obstacles that might come up! To start with, friend mustn't forget the you space up against the clock! girlfriend only have actually a minimal amount that time to figure out every the differences. Girlfriend can check on how many you still haven't uncovered by glancing in ~ the bottom of the screen. To examine on the time, take it a look at the left side of the screen.

Keep this helpful tip in mind: if friend ever discover yourself pressed for time, twin click on the hourglass. Depending upon the phase of the game, that will grant you some precious extra seconds to finish the challenge!

Another beneficial tip refers to hints. Sometimes, you might find the you can't find that final distinction no issue how carefully you look. To gain out of such difficult situations, you deserve to use the hints feature. Click one that the blue magnifying glasses in ~ the bottom left corner of the display for a help hand! However, you need to use lock wisely, together you only have actually a restricted amount every level!

Join the Duncans in a pilgrimage down memory lane that can additionally prove to be a an overwhelming and funny adventure! girlfriend can help the lover Charlie gain a new skill while also developing your own intelligence and also attention come details! So, are you ready for a brand-new mission special the characters of your favorite series, an excellent Luck Charlie?

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