With Lily dealing with jail time, the valve Der Woodsens gain a surprised visit from she sister Carol and her nephhistoricsweetsballroom.com Charlie.

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It’s been so long because Gossip Girl to be last on i have fully forgotten what’s occurred this season. Because that a hot second I believed it to be still the year the Hilary Duff proved up and also showed brand-nhistoricsweetsballroom.com levels of lameness. That was a loooong, hard season for GG fans. Now, i remember—Blair and Dan were around to acquire it on! Yay. Oh and Chuck and Nate were fighting over snoozypants Raina! Boo. But let’s get ago to THE couple with really heat: Dan and Blair a.k.a. “Dair.”

Sooooo….um….not a helluva lot of has readjusted sadly. Last time we experienced them, Dair had actually exchanged a pretty warm kiss. It’s now a week later on in GG time and Dan has yet come hear back from Blair in spite of calling her the next day. Meanwhile, Ms. Waldorf has remained in bed every week, in her mind suffering from “consumption” or “malaise.” i love the Blair usually exists in jane Austen novels. I’m surprised she hasn’t rediscovered petticoats yet. Depressed/confused Blair is carried out of her funk by a contact from Epperly—remember the bitchy assistant from W?—who is now working for publication publisher Taschen top top a photograph collection of “modern royalty.” for those of you the haven’t watched this illustration yet, a perfect drinking video game would be to take it a sip every time the word “Taschen” is mentioned; ns think it virtually approaches double digits therefore be mindful with her imbibing. Yet seriously the illustration should have actually been co-sponsored by Taschen…and Intermix.

Coincidentally, Lily and her brood were also picked to be part of the “modern royalty” pictorial although old Lil’s is now dealing with up to 10 years in jail due that totality faked affidavit fandango. However the book (and perhaps the legal snafu) has brought ago William van Der Woodsen (William Baldwin) and mama Rhodes, CeCe! Love that old broad. Likhistoricsweetsballroom.comise love that her very first appearance was choose a Chanel dream (at least it looked choose the classic label). I feel prefer CeCe would even have a Chanel nightgown with equivalent slippers. Let’s work on that, Eric Damen. Complicating problem (and royally pissing off Lily), CeCe invite her various other daughter, Carol (Sheila Kelley), to participate in the shoot. Carol’s been turn off living a “bohemian” way of life in Florida, i beg your pardon I’m assuming way she’s never been to Sephora and also has hairy pits. However frankly she looked pretty well scrubbed top top her first entrance. Several of you might remember Aunt Carol from the GG flashback illustration starring Brittany snow as Lily and also Krysten Ritter as Carol. Sadly, Carol’s human body odor was not the significant issue: Taschen cancelled the shoot because of Lily’s potential prison time.

But Carol wasn’t the only Floridian travel up North: her daughter Charlie, played by nhistoricsweetsballroom.combie Kaylee DeFer, also snuck approximately Manhattan. She want to examine out these relatives that her mommy has constantly told her were soooo awful. I average naturally. Wouldn’t it have been funnier if she showed up and they were actually horrendous people and not the number one client at Bergdorf’s? for this reason Charlie bonded with her gorgeous, lion-mane cousin Serena…through shopping. Serena determined to show Charlie the the Upper eastern Side wasn’t so negative by taking her with the retail gauntlet beginning with Barneys and also ending at Intermix.

It’s in ~ the last store wherein the 2 gals run into Lily and also Carol, who have actually weirdly job up their animosity with memories of wanting to it is in Solid Gold dancers(!?!). No, ns am not drunk while writing this (Rufus asked Lily a comparable question). ~ attempting come recreate the Solid Gold look because that their family members photo, Lily to be positively floored that they to be able to find leg warmers on the Upper east Side. Clearly, this gal has never to be to American Apparel.

Anyways, Carol walk nuclear as soon as she spotted Charlie safety time (and money) with Serena and said they to be leaving town. Carol to be insistent that Charlie be raised in “the actual world” and not this superficial place. Um, Carol…Florida is “the real world?” A state finest known for drunk spring break trips and acres the land dedicated to a huge animated mouse? okay sure. But prior to she might defend she loopy statement, Serena overheard CeCe discussing exactly how she sends Carol money every month. The bohemian hypocrite! by the way, I’ll be beginning a brand-nhistoricsweetsballroom.com jam band referred to as Bohemian Hypocrite. We’re gonna be huge.

William controlled to gain the photo shoot back on—something about him gift friends with Shmitty Taschen or whoever heads up the company. For this reason the whole gang finished up at the “modern royalty” picture shoot which took place somhistoricsweetsballroom.comhere with several marble staircases. True story: Rich human being looooove marble. Unfortunately, Vanessa likhistoricsweetsballroom.comise showed up together a camera assistant for the day. Frankly, I’m surprised she wasn’t manning the portable espresso machine.

Dan also showed approximately the picture shoot after gift told he was preferred as one “up and comer” . That assumed Blair was just trying to it is in in the very same room v him but it was actually Chuck’s doing. After visiting Dan in ~ the loft, Chuck began to suspect that there to be something walking on between him and Blair. So i can’t really tell if Blair is actually in love v Dan or is tho in love v Chuck. The was all sorta confusing. Clearly, Dan had feelings because that her yet whether or not Blair felt the same method didn’t really come across. I’m sorta guessing the she was just suppressing her feelings for Dan through this whole Chuck thing. Right? Am i the just one confused?

So Vanessa once again overheard crucial piece the information, this time that Blair and also Dan kissed. Is Vanessa a mutant? Like, go she have amplified hearing? i think we might be onto something. She constantly is hearing stuff! Too negative she doesn’t listen me yelling at my tv for her to wear something not ugly! oh snap! Yep, I said it!

Charlie showed up to the photograph shoot in a mini-dress, plainly having learned native Serena’s indict in hemlines and cleavage. I sorta wish there was much more of a Pretty Woman-esque makeover montage with a most hair flips and also teeth yet whatevs. By the end of the episode, Charlie stood up to her mother and also told her she was going to continue to be in nhistoricsweetsballroom.com York to acquire to understand her family. Carol seemed a little nervous because it had only to be a couple of months due to the fact that some mysterious incident. Hmmmm. What might it be? I’m sorta guessing Charlie did favor a fatal Attraction number on some boy by the way her mama reaction to Charlie flirting through Dan.

Blair uncovered out that Chuck had lured Dan come the photo shoot and also got every upset through him. Sidebar: Didn’t Blair sorta look choose a bullfighter in tonight’s episode? Anyhooo, she was all upset about never recognize love or she prince charming when…an really prince confirmed up!! Prince louis was displayed getting the end of his limo! To it is in continued…

Oh and also Raina and Nate sorta had a storyline about her being sad over her dead mother. Appropriately enough, most of their scenes took place about a bed since they were the TV tantamount of Nyquil. Wrap this subplot up stat.

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All in all, I thought a pretty funny episode of GG. True there were part awkward moment at the photo shoot but I prefer the development of Carol and also Charlie.

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