2005 Pontiac grand Prix. Engine dimension 3.8. New blower motor.Question:The blower motor quit working in mine "05 Pontiac grand Prix. Utilizing my volt meter, I confirm forvoltage in ~ the blower. Through the fan collection to the greatest setting, I experienced 12 volts so I thought the blower motorwas poor replaced it.

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The new motor ran because that 5 seconds then stopped. Still getting 12 V in ~ highest setting and 6V at shortest fansetting. I"ve read that if the resistor go bad, the fan will certainly operate only at the greatest speed, howevermine doesn"t operate at all. Any suggestions?

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Your system works a tiny different. No separate circuit because that high only. The blower resistor / controlmodule controls every speeds, and the ground because that the blower- circuit 2150 BLK wire. Should put the voltmeter, or much better yet a test light, in the blower connector. Test light will light if you have power in andground. Sounds choose you most likely won"t.

Sounds like the resistor / module is bad. Also check the plug on that for shed terminals. The modulealso has actually a floor behind the radio on the cross beam.


Question:1997 Pontiac cool Prix. Changed seized blower motor and faulty resistor.The blower engine works only on high mode, the reduced modes perform not occupational and also its affecting thedaytime steering lights once blower speed is used.

Answer:Could friend please offer me a little an ext info. The blower motor was seized, and the resistor wasreplaced. Did either show any type of signs the corrosion or discoloration in ~ the electric connectors? Anyother odd electrical problems prior to the replacement of this parts? any type of other details will it is in helpful.Thanks and also I will certainly wait for her reply.

Visitor Reply:no corrosion at all on terminals what its law is this difficulty was their before the blower andresistor to be replaced. The trouble was the DRL lights go off as soon as blower engine switch is usedand go ago on once the move is off. Also the blower motor only works in high mode after aslight delay. What I"m hearing is the relays clicking in the day time driving irradiate module once theblower move is used. Thanks any questions let me know. Thanks.

Answer:OK, ns think i uncovered something to be of help. After looking through several wiring diagrams, i havefound that the Daytime running Lights Module and a power input to the a/c regulate head sharethe same fuse (DIC/HVAC) over there is also a DRL diode in the system. The module and the diodeare ~ above the lf. Side/under the dash.

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We need to find out which part is clicking erratically. Reportedly there is some electrical backfeeding walk on, and also effecting the DRL/headlights. Ns wound suspect a faulty DRL module, butthe diode may be the original problem, resulting in the module go bad. Expect this was helpful. Let meknow what you find.