Below space the answers:1. Greek tragedian who introduced fancy scenery - Euripides2. First great writer of Greek comedy - Aristophanes3. Roman inn comedy writer - Plautus4. Previous slave that wrote comedy - Terence5. Greek tragedian who rewrote myths to suit his subject - Aeschylus

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Greek tragedian that introduced elaborate scenery.first good writer that Greek comedy roman inn comedy writer previous slave that wrote comedy Greek tragedian that rewrote myths to suit his subjecta. Terenceb. Plautusc. Euripidesd. Aristophanese. Aeschylus


Greek tragedian who introduced elaborate scenery is letter E.first good writer of Greek comedy is letter D. Roman inn comedy writer is letter B.former slave who wrote comedy is letter A. Greek tragedian that rewrote myths to fit his topic is letter C.


1. Aeschylus was an ancient Greek tragedian who introduced intricate scenery. He is often explained as the dad of tragedy. He is recognized for being the first of classic Athens’ an excellent dramatists, who presented the remarkable art that tragedy come poetry and also theatrical power.

2. Ancient Greek comedy was an extremely popular and also influential in theatre performances throughout the 6th century BCE. Aristophanes to be the very first great writer of Greek comedy and one of the most famed playwright of this genre. This genre poked fun at politicians, philosophers, and fellow artists.

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3. Plautus to be a renowned Roman comic. The plots that Plautus’s theatre are known to be sometimes interestingly arisen and really well organized yet they are most recognized for offering scenes the pure farce. Plautus is a truly famed dramatist, who comic effect contains rapid action, exaggeration, burlesque, and an upside-down portrayal that life.

4. Terence was a previous slave that wrote comedy throughout the year 166-160 B.C. His plays were based on modern-day comedy that manners. Terence was taken to Rome as a servant by a roman inn senator referred to as Terentius Lucanus. This roman inn senator was impressed through Terence’s capability and gave him a liberal education and also later on, his freedom. Terence apparently died young but every one of the 6 plays the he wrote have survived and are still with us it rotates this day.

5. Euripides to be born in Athens, Greece, in the year 485 B.C. He ended up being one that the many influential and well known dramatists in timeless Greek culture. Only 19 the his 90 plays have survived. That rewrote myths to suit his subject. His most famous tragedies include The Bacchae, Hippolytus, Medea and also The Trojan Women. This were reinvented Greek myths and also revealed the darker next of person nature.