GTA 4's Dwayne Or Playboy X Choice: all Pros & Cons defined Grand Theft Auto 4 look at Niko Bellic make difficult decisions, with one of the hardest gift the an option to assassinate either Dwayne or Playboy X.

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Dwayne vs Playboy selection In GTA IV
Grand Theft Auto 4 follows Niko Bellic"s journey to leaving his mark on the crime-ridden fictional Liberty City. Along the way, Niko interacts with several supporting personalities that assist or foil his criminal activities. Two of these characters are gangsters Dwayne Forge and his previous mentor Playboy X, with players obtaining the opportunity to select who have to be killed later in the story.

Prior to the start of Grand Theft Auto 4, Dwayne build was taken into consideration to be among the wealthiest medicine dealers in Liberty City, running a crack cocaine empire that provided him through a steady source of income. Throughout his reign, Dwayne take it Playboy under his wing and also taught the the rules of the drug business, acting like a father figure to the young man. Dwayne was at some point arrested for his crimes and also attempted to operation his organization from prison, yet Playboy finished up assuming regulate of the drug realm in Dwayne"s absence.

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Niko Bellic"s story in GTA 4 sees Dwayne obtaining out of prison, v complications emerging between himself and Playboy native the start. When Dwayne renders attempts to reclaim his previous regime as a medicine lord v Niko"s help, Playboy wants to keep control and also continue to increase the drug realm he take it over right into other company ventures. The former mentor/mentee duo regularly butt heads transparent the story, culminating in a fateful mission the sees the two males attempt to use Niko to assassinate one another.

GTA 4: What Happens as soon as Niko death Dwayne Or Playboy

throughout a GTA 4 mission called "The Holland Play," Playboy calls Niko end to his apartment because that a meeting and also asks him to kill Dwayne. Niko at first refuses to kill Dwayne, however eventually tells Playboy that he will think about it prior to leaving. Niko shortly gets a contact from Dwayne, who asks Niko to kill Playboy after becoming suspicious that Playboy wanting that dead. After ~ taking an additional phone contact with Playboy, the second component of the mission begins and players are enabled to select whether to kill Dwayne or Playboy.

If players select to kill Playboy, they need to go to his apartment and confront him, which leader to Playboy attempting to escape and also Niko chasing him right into an alley and shooting him. Niko call Dwayne and admits to him the Playboy want his former mentor bring away out. Together a reward for killing Playboy, Dwayne uses Niko Playboy"s apartment as a safehouse, with Claude"s outfit from Grand Theft Auto III being in the apartment together well. Players additionally have the potential of making Dwayne a girlfriend by responding in a positive method to an e-mail he sends, opening up the capacity to speak to for back-up to help Niko the end in combat.

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Making the selection to kill Dwayne look at Niko shoot Dwayne in his apartment, who feels betrayed by Niko after that asked him to take the end Playboy because that him. Niko climate calls Playboy to notify him of Dwayne"s fate, that rewards him through $25,000. The fence of this choice is Niko and Playboy"s connection disintegrating, with Playboy X later having a change of heart about his mentor"s death and cutting ties with Niko after calling him a "cold-hearted killer." Either choice is a challenging decision because that players, adding to the long list of negative choices Niko renders during GTA 4.