In Percy Jackson and also the Olympians: The Lightning Thief, who unknowingly had actually the grasp bolt and also who had the helm of darkness? What were the understand bolt sheath and also the helm that darkness disguised as?
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In chapter 19, Percy meets through Hades in the Underworld. That addresses Hades together "Lord and Uncle" and tells him that he has two requests to do of him.

Hades is no amused the the boy of Poseidon has dared come make any requests of him, however he decides to...

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In chapter 19, Percy meets with Hades in the Underworld. That addresses Hades together "Lord and also Uncle" and tells him that he has two inquiry to do of him.

Hades is not amused that the son of Poseidon has actually dared to make any type of requests of him, however he decides to feeling Percy. Percy"s first request is the Hades return Zeus" understand bolt to him in stimulate to avoid war in between the gods. Before Percy can obtain to his 2nd request, however, Hades accuses him of having stolen both Zeus" master bolt and also his very own helm of darkness. Hades endangers to release the dead back into the human being unless Percy returns his helm. However, Percy denies that he has Hades" helm that darkness and also demands Zeus" understand bolt ago instead.

In reality, Percy was tricked into carrying Zeus" understand bolt in his backpack; in thing 20, we uncover that Ares had given the backpack to Percy. As soon as Percy accuses Ares of having stolen both the helm that darkness and the grasp bolt, Ares admits cryptically that he had both items stolen, however he didn"t carry out the deed himself. It was Ares that actually disguised the grasp bolt"s sheath to resemble a backpack; due to the fact that the sheath is so an effective that the bolt constantly has to go back to it, Ares tinkers with the magic so that the bolt will only return to its sheath (the backpack) when Percy entered the Underworld. This is just how Percy concerned unknowingly have the grasp bolt in his possession when he stood prior to Hades.

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Meanwhile, Ares has actually in his possession the helm the darkness. The is disguised together a ski cap," the kind bank robbers wear." when Ares shop the ski cap in between the handlebars of his bike, the cap instantly turns right into a bronze battle helmet. The thing ends through Percy, the boy of Poseidon, defeating Ares in battle. After transforming into his immortal form, Ares vacates the step of the battle and leaves the helm the darkness behind. Percy charges the Furies with returning the helm the darkness come Hades in the Underworld.