The nationwide retailer will be part of a renovated retail facility at 3100 W. 12th St.

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Dollar Tree will certainly take the reminder the the space, which used to be huge City Motors and also 12th Street Auto Mart. The auto dealer is moving to the corner of 12th and also Lyons Avenue right into a previous Vern Eide location.


The southern section of this retail center on West 12th Street will be renovated for Harbor Freight Tools and Dollar Tree.

“We have remained in search that a ar for harbor Freight tools in Sioux falls for literally years,” said Ryan Tysdal that Lloyd Cos., who put the transaction together. “This website on West 12th is perfect because that them.”

Harbor Freight and Dollar Tree were attracted by the area’s web traffic counts, the said.

“Dollar Tree has actually been looking for an ideal location ~ above West 12th, and this was absolutely the appropriate opportunity,” Tysdal said.

Weight Watchers additionally had a location in the building and is in the procedure of detect a new space, he said. Bigs Bar, i beg your pardon is top top the northern portion of the site, will certainly remain.

Rod Woelfel, that owns the building and also the auto dealership, said he witnessed the transaction as a win-win.

“I felt leasing my building to this tenants was a good addition come the retail mix the West 12th Street,” Woelfel said. “Plus, it allowed me to relocate my dealership to one of the busiest intersections in the city at 12th & Lyons.”

The deals come at a time that renewed retail interest in West 12th Street. Exchange rate Auto freshly bought extr property near its organization center on 12th close to Marion Road, and also Kum & go is to plan to construct at the website of a former retail center at 12th and Grange Avenue.

Billion buys floor on 12th Street as businesses arrangement moves, closings

“I am right now working on about a half-dozen retail and also restaurant transaction on West 12th. It’s together a solid corridor in the city, with plenty of announcements in the comes months,” Tysdal said.

This will certainly be harbor Freight Tools’ 2nd location in south Dakota. The retailer, i beg your pardon sells discount tools and equipment, has about 700 locations and opened in fast City in 2014. The the third location in Sioux falls for dollar Tree, which has stores at 41st Street and also Minnesota Avenue, and on the east side at Dawley farm Village.

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Construction top top the building is just beginning. Both retailers setup to be open prior to the holiday season.