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The Harvest Moon games are a sweetheart of memories and countryside decision making.

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One that the greatest decisions in each video game is picking who you desire to marry. Well because that this list I’ve covered the best wife options across the most famous harvest Moon titles in the franchise.

I understand a many comes under to opinions here however I’ll re-superstructure why ns feel lock a an excellent fit in enhancement to listing the traits that might let them under as eligible candidates. Get ready come walk the aisle due to the fact that your blushing bride is waiting for she blue feather!

10. Harvest Goddess


The Harvest Goddess appears throughout many of the Harvest Moon title in some shape or form, yet she is considered a special marriage candidate.

Because the this, acquisition Harvest Moon: pet Parade together an example, she is frequently referred come as among the harder marital relationship setups across the series.

To marry she you require to an initial complete the entire pet parade storyline, and also she will certainly not marry until the Goddess Tree is revitalized bringing her right into her true form.

There’s likewise a means to marry she in girlfriend of Mineral Town but it’s yet an additional gruelling puzzle of next quests.

But imagine marrying an really goddess. Crazy right?

9. Kathy


Kathy native Harvest Moon: pet Parade deserves a point out in here. She’s described as one of the game’s many eligible bachelorettes and also I think i agree.

Kathy works as a waitress at the communities Brass Bar and also has befriended many of the patrons in the game. Therefore you understand she’s a great socializer and would make wonderful housewife.

To obtain Kathy to love you and also get her all set for marriage(that feels weird to write) you’ll an initial need to placed in part graft to construct up she hearts. Usually just offer her gifts and also go v all her significant cutscenes.

It needs to be said, though, this can take part time to attain so you’ll need to be patient if you desire her hand in marriage.

8. Mary


The Mineral town librarian mar is a quiet yet lovable lady.

She’s an only child definition her father can be a tiny choosy once it comes to her acquiring married. She’s a awkward girl however she has a genuine admiration for the occupational that she father carries the end in the town.

Mary feel sad easily because hardly anyone access time the library. However, she is functioning on her novel and has an eligible husband who visits the library regularly.

She could be a great choice for simple marriage setup and she would likely be quite loyal.

Note: mar actually showed up in the HM 64 game as well, however there she to be the Mayor’s daughter. In that video game she additionally worked in ~ the library.

7. Popuri


Stealing our number seven spot is Popuri that made her debut appearance in harvest Moon: ago to Nature.

She’s not had actually the ideal upbringing through her dad leaving ~ above a voyage and also never return home, and her mother ending up being ill. Yet that doesn’t stop this pinked haired girl attending to she chicken farm yard duties.

Popuri has a point for noþeles sweet, therefore if you can give her any type of candy she’ll really love it. Or part Pink Cat Flowers room another way into her heart if you begin picking them in the springtime.

She has actually a crush on Kai therefore she will end up marrying that if you don’t. However she’s an open girl who wears her heart on her sleeve.

6. Elli


Making her appearance very first in Harvest Moon 64 and then in Harvest Moon: back to Nature, Elli is a girl that knows she sweets together she own a bakery in HM64.

But in back to Nature she functions as a nurse in ~ the neighborhood hospital. Fairly a jump.

Unless girlfriend visit on a Wednesday, you’ll nearly always discover Ellie hiding out in the city clinic, help the doctor using she midwifery skills.

It can be under to the truth that she loves working with babies but Ellie is just one of the most basic wives to win affection for and also marry.

5. Karen


Many would probably consider Karen to it is in the sexy chick that shows up in the Harvest Moon series. And also in some situations that might be one of her just real benefits in choosing her as a wife.

Although she helps operation the family supermarket, Karen has actually a habit of painting the city red rather than helping with the family workload.

She currently has a really close girlfriend on she radar so that can make for basic marriage. But she is a sweet girl who does treatment for girlfriend if you decision to marry.

Note she loves to cook, yet unfortunately, she’s pretty poor at the so you’ll need to watch she in the kitchen closely.

4. Ann


Here’s one an ext beautiful mam based in Mineral Town, the son of Doug who runs the regional inn.

As a wife Ann is great choice as she boasts heaps that optimism and enthusiasm, which deserve to be hugely attractive in-game and also in actual life.

Not just that, however she likewise has some excellent cooking an abilities and she provides these an abilities to work with her father through participating in all the main food preparation festivals.

A little of a tomboy yet still a lovable festival if you carry out decide to wife her up.

3. Nami


Unlike few of our other selections in this list, Nami native A wonderful Life definitely has a the majority of street smarts about her.

Because of this you might think about her to it is in the coolest girl that the bunch.

She’s fantastic choice come marry together she’s not quickly impressed and also it will take some initiative to acquire her to care around you. However once she does she’ll be loyal through and through.

Not to cite that she’s no a tough worker herself and also would be happy through farm life.

Nami will certainly bear a kid that boasts comparable traits come what she has: he’ll be really smart, creative, and because of this he’ll favor to study rather than working on a farm.

The fence to Nami is the she does carry a tom-boy look about her, and also although she has actually youth on her side she beauty isn’t she most differentiating feature. Although I suppose it is true the beauty is in the eye that the beholder.

2. Muffy


Taking the location as our runner-up is Muffy indigenous A wonderful Life.

Muffy could be classed together the most good-looking mrs in the town.

Her life-long ambitious is to settle down with a partner and also bear children, and also because that this it method she’s serious around getting into a relationship. This also method it’s a bit much easier to gain her interested in a genuine commitment.

The just downside to marrying Muffy could be the she’s the an older generation, and also because that this, someone prefer Nami may be a much better option if you favor the “hip” variety of farmlife.

1. Celia


Coming in in ~ #1 together the best wife in the Harvest Moon collection has to be Celia.

She’s a farm yard girl the you’ll discover in Harvest Moon: A exorbitant Life. She prospered up ~ above a farm so she already knows what the like, and she’s real difficult working come boot.

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She live on Vesta’s Farm and also from this upbringing you can guarantee that any son you have with Celia’s child is likewise gonna it is in hard-working.

This renders her an excellent choice to use in-game if you want a well-oiled an equipment of a farm.

Her main downside is the reality that she has a childish nature, and also because of this, she can be a little naïve. Although really, aren’t we all naïve once we’re livin’ that farm yard life the end in the countryside?