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Harvest Moon is a simulation farming video game that has actually been roughly for countless years. Like other versions, this Harvest Moon Nintendo DS version permits players to marry who of the opposite sex once you end up being close enough to them. Here is a perform of every the standard bachelorettes because that the masculine players and also the easily accessible bachelors for the female players in Harvest Moon DS Island the Happiness.

Requirements for Marriage:

Before you can get married in this Harvest Moon for DS game, you need to meet details game requirements. Girlfriend must:

Meet every the key charactersUnlock the churchFully increase your houseBuy the blue featherBuy the big bedView all your bachelor/bachelorettes heart eventsHave your bachelor/bachelorettes heart level at red


Eligible Bachelorettes:

Chelsea: Chelsea will move in if you space playing as the masculine character and also if you have actually all the bridges built, have actually all the main personalities unlocked, and also have the island hotel expanded. Chelsea deserve to be uncovered in the Inn. She doesn't dislike or hate any kind of gifts. Something you provide her she will certainly really like!


Julia: Julia is the daughter the Mirabelle, that owns the animal store. She come on the island in the an initial month you space there. She is generally in the animal Shop or wandering approximately town. Julia's favorite item is yogurt, and she hates large fish. She loves milk, dairy products products, wool, yarn, eggs, tofu, and also diamonds, and also she likes flowers, jewels, sweets, and also curry. She no fish, anything you fish up like trash or pirate treasure, and also she dislikes edamame, eco-friendly peppers, suns, and toadstools.


Lanna: Lanna is a popular music star who will move to her island if you record 70 or more items when fishing. She is typically found in her house or at the beach. Her favourite item is yam pudding, and her many hated article is a fish bone. She loves every fish and sweets, and also she likes fruit, fruit juice, and also tofu. She hates trash items and also natto, and also she dislikes wool, jewels, and also ore.


Natalie: Natalie is the nephew of Taro, daughter of Felicia, and tiny sister come Elliot. She is ~ above the island from the beginning of the game. She is often found at Taro's house. Her favorite item is fruit sandwich, and also she no toadstools. She loves fruits, fruit juices, and jams, and also she likes flowers, cakes, tofu, and sweets. She no natto and mushrooms and also dislikes ore and also jewels.

Sabrina: Sabrina is the daughter of Regis. She arrives on the island once you delivery 20 or much more items indigenous the mine. She is usually found in Regis' house. Her favorite item is a pink diamond, and also her the very least favorite article is rainbow curry. She loves jewels, yarn, tofu, and natto, and she likes ores, flowers, wool, and also sushi. She no junk ore, alexandrite, diamonds, and curry, and dislikes edamame.

Witch Princess: The Witch Princess will appear on her island when you build the bridge to the forest area. The Witch Princess deserve to be historicsweetsballroom.comed inside of her home in the forest. Her favourite item is rainbow curry, and her the very least favorite items is a peach. She loves red grass, toadstools, golden lumber, can be fried curry, and also finest curry, and she likes grass, jewels, ore, curry, and also natto. She hates pet food, boots, and also peach juice, and also she dislikes fail dishes.

Eligible Bachelors:

Denny: Denny is a fisherman who shows up on the island after girlfriend fish increase 50 or an ext items. He deserve to usually be uncovered either in his house or on the beach. His favorite item is sashimi, and his many hated item is junk ore. He loves fish, sushi, fish dishes, and red flower natto, and he likes vegetables, curry, natto, and also noodes. Denny no jewels, suns, and ores, and he likewise dislikes trash, gold lumber, pirate treasure, pet food, wool, yarn, failure dishes, and soy milk.

Elliot: Elliot is the grandson of Taro, son of Felicia, and big brother come Natalie. That is ~ above the island once you an initial start the game. The is typically found in Taro's home or wandering approximately town. His many loved items is stir-fried veggies, and also his many hated items is milk. That loves potatoes, corn, corn dishes, potato dishes, and also mix natto, and he likes vegetables, vegetable dishes, and natto. He hates grass, dairy products, gold lumber, toadstools, and failed dishes, and he dislikes trash, animal food, and grape soda.

Mark: Mark will come to your islandif you room playing together the mrs character when you construct all the bridges,unlock all the key characters, visit every one of the areas, and also have the hotel expanded. He will be found inside the island's Inn. Note will like any type of gift you offer him equally, and also he doesn't hate anything.

Pierre: Pierre is a chef that will concerned your island once you get 5 recipes indigenous the café and also the diner. He deserve to usually be historicsweetsballroom.comed wandering roughly town searching for ingredients or sampling food in ~ the café or diner. His favorite item is best curry, and the item the hates many is a toadstool. That loves just about any cooking dish and also he likes fruits, vegetables, fish, and also milk. He no fodder and also failed dishes, and also he dislikes flowers, jewels, ore, and trash.

Shea: Shea is the boy of Wada. He will show up on the island after ~ the leg is constructed to the tropical area. He have the right to be found either in Wada's house or hike in the jungle. Shea's many favorite gift is a big fish, if he no empty cans. The loves tiny and tool fish, grass, and also mushrooms, and he likes fruits, dairy products, eggs, and vegetables. Shea hates jewels, ores, animal food, and trash. The dislikes flowers, yarn, and also wool.

Vaughn: Vaughn does no live top top the island, and also he only visits the island two days a week. ~ above Wednesdays and Thursdays, he can be found in the pet Shop or wandering about the city or the beach. His favorite item is porridge, and his least favorite article is a carrot. That loves milk, mushrooms, and grape soda, and also he likes dairy product products, eggs, sweets, animal food, and mushroom dishes. Vaughn hates grass, toadstools, salads, natto, and also trash, and also he dislikes flowers, vegetables, jewels, and also ore.

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Dani Merrier native United claims on in march 24, 2017:

I absolutely love Sunshine Islands. They had actually a great, unique collection of marriage candidates. My favorite bachelor was always Shea, he was lovable, sweet, and fun come court. I likewise liked the it didn't get in the method of anyone else's relationship!

I've began to write about the Harvest Moon collection and found your hub rather interesting. Possibly you'll have a possibility to check out several of mine together well! an excellent job and good luck.

Nora B (author) native NC, USA ~ above December 24, 2011:

Thanks so lot for the comment and the vote. I still play these games, they just never seem to get old!

Preacherwolf2011 indigenous Bloomington, Indiana on December 24, 2011:

Loved this game for years. My wife and I offered to play the B.C. (before children), now my earliest son is playing this version and also an enlarge one. Insightful hub. Vote UP!

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