There’s a many reasons why a guy can ask why friend love him and also a many of methods you can respond.

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In this article, I desire to define some that the reasons behind why males ask this inquiry and more importantly what you have the right to say in response. ~ all, girlfriend love him an extremely much and also you want him to understand it.

So, let’s get started v a chief worry you might have when he pops the inquiry (no, not that one).

18 things you can say as soon as he needs to know why girlfriend love him


1) “You make me happy.”

This is constantly a an excellent place to start. It’s usually what an initial comes come mind for most people, too.

It might sound a little bit generic or insincere by itself, though. So nothing be fear to describe why he makes you so happy, and also how.

Explain that your pleasure in the connection makes you feeling even an ext in love with him.

The delight of my far-ranging other is always really necessary to me. So come hear she say that i make her happy constantly feels good.

Love and happiness walk hand in hand and a healthy and balanced relationship is defined by many of both. In fact, if the love you give makes friend happy, she bound to spread happiness wherever friend go.

Happiness isn’t always easy, though. This is a great set of crucial elements that help people lead happier lives.

2) “I feel totality with you.”

While the capability to it is in complete and satisfied by you yourself is an important to a fulfilled and healthy life, yes sir nothing wrong v feeling prefer your far-ranging other completes you.

The bottom line: It’s usual for united state to feel an ext complete as soon as we’re with somebody that we love.

In fact, relationships, even if it is romantic or not, add length, vitality, and happiness come our lives. We’re society creatures. The very same thing applies in romantic relationships.

So as soon as your friend is questioning you why friend love him, you have the right to tell him the he makes you feel complete.

Describe the methods that he completes you, just how your worries and troubles room eased as soon as he’s with you, the means that his qualities make you feel whole.

If because that some factor you don’t feeling at ease in her relationship, this is a an excellent article identify some usual signs of connection anxiety and also what you deserve to do around it. I’ve uncovered it really helpful.

3) “You’re constantly there because that me.”

If your man is consistent, reliable, and dependable, this is a good way to define why you love him.

It’s likely that he puts soon a significant amount of initiative to be there for you once you require him. As soon as you identify that, you’ll quickly reassure him.

If it’s basic to remember turn off the peak of her head, you might even cite a few specific examples that you’ve yes, really appreciated over the years.

Besides, when someone pulls through for girlfriend in her time that need, it’s hard not to love them even more. And remember, acts of business are a common love language of plenty of people.

Understanding this about your far-ranging other will certainly only help the 2 of you grow closer.

4) “You always make me laugh, even when I’m having a negative day.”

The capability to save a feeling of feeling in the face of adversity is a crucial sign of mentally resilient people.

If her boyfriend has actually the ability to do you laugh no matter just how trying or challenging life is, he’s probably a keeper.

He knows the a great laugh will certainly cheer you up, also when you’re emotion at her lowest. Even more than that, he knows just just how to get a giggle the end of you.

It’s among his many invaluable skills and a great thing to bring up when he asks “why execute you love me?”

Think back on all the times he’s made friend laugh and turned her mood around and then describe to the your real appreciation for it. Tell him exactly how much it provides you love him.

If you’d choose to find out some other secrets mentally resilient people have, take it a look at this an excellent article.

5) “You’re gorgeous.”

While outward appearance no the primary reason we date and fall in love v people, the is nearly always a key element that attraction, intimacy, and also passion.

As a complete romantic and also a little of a poet, ns love reasoning of all the an imaginative ways I deserve to tell my far-ranging other how attractive and breathtaking they are.

When her boyfriend is questioning why you love him, remember the he can just be looking for a small validation. Or he could be in need of a pick-me-up, a confidence boost.

If his looks drive you wild, don’t hesitate come tell him. It could be simply the compliment he needed.

Keep in mind, though, that if you just tell him friend love him for his looks, he might still be wonder if there’s much more to your connection than just physical attraction.

Make sure to add in a pair of this others, too, for an excellent measure.

6) “I can constantly be myself about you.”

The ability to be ourselves approximately those that we love the most is other that must never be taken for granted.

Here’s what i mean:

We’re given a safe space with them where we are enabled to it is in whoever we want to be and also still it is in accepted. Having that type of connection is a beautiful thing and also an regrettably rare thing at times.

When we’re no afraid to be emotionally breakable with our far-reaching other, that a good sign of a healthy and balanced and solid relationship constructed on trust, love, and also respect.

If girlfriend love her boyfriend sufficient to trust him with your most vulnerable emotions and feelings, make sure to call him. Define to him just how much it method to you.

There’s nothing choose being our silliest, strangest, the very least attractive, and most honest self around the human we love many in the world.

Make certain to tell the all about how it renders you feel when he asks why you love him.

7) “You do me feeling safe.”


The importance of safety and also security in a relationship cannot it is in understated. Just how so?

People who space unsafe in relationships need trust instead of earning it, avoid encountering their an individual issues, and won’t admit their weaknesses, no matter exactly how close they space to you.

In various other words, gift in a relationship with someone favor this is a recipe for disaster, heartbreak, and also even trauma.

On the other hand, when you feeling safe roughly your boyfriend, you feel loved, you feel secure, and you have no doubts about the relationship.

It provides you love him every the more, understanding that he proactively makes you feel safe.

Don’t be afraid to tell him this. Think about all the little things — and large things — that he walk to make you feel safe and then call him around them.

He’ll be an ext than relieved to hear you to speak it once he asks why girlfriend love him.

8) “You always make time because that me.”

If your man constantly makes certain he offers you the time you need when you require it, he’s probably a keeper. It’s one of many ways that civilization show your affection and also devotion in a relationship and also it’s no different for him.

No doubt, then, you appreciate every minute the he spends with you, especially the ones wherein you need him most.

So let him know just how much it renders you love him. Tell him how you notice when he provides time because that you, even when it’s no the most convenient because that him.

Make certain to tell him exactly how much that makes you love him, and why it method so lot to you.

9) “We have so much fun together.”

If among the highlights the your relationship is walk out through your boyfriend, the clear that you have actually a lot of fun together.

Your capability to go on adventures, hand in hand, always having fun, points to a healthy and also dynamic relationship.

It doesn’t constantly have to it is in crazy day nights or spontaneous road trips, either. It might be that the laziest the days, invested at home watching tv on the couch, is just as fun as the rest.

There’s really nothing fairly like having actually fun with the person you love the most.

When your boyfriend asks you why friend love him, talk about all the funny you two have together. Not only will that prove how much you love him, however it’ll also remind that of every the an excellent times, and also all the factors he loves you.

10) “You’re so dedicated to me.”

For you, loyalty and devotion could be among the most important facets of any type of relationship. Exactly how does your man organize up?

If his devotion come you is flawless, if girlfriend admire and also love him because that his ability to stay dedicated to you, then tell him. He’ll love come hear you define why his devotion to you renders you therefore in love.

And when that happens, he’ll be even much more inspired to keep it that way.

If she on the hunt for more ways to do a guy addicted to you, here’s a an excellent article about it.

11) “Everything around you is exactly perfect.”

Obviously, us all make mistakes. In spite of that fact, I discover myself frequently marveling at just exactly how perfect my far-reaching other is. Everything about them, under to your strange quirks and also idiosyncrasies, simply makes my heart race.

When it feels intended to be, nothing be fear to vocalize it as frequently as friend want. The not prefer your boyfriend will acquire sick the hearing exactly how perfect he is.

And when he asks, nothing be fear to gush around every tiny detail around him that provides him precisely perfect in your eyes. He’ll feeling valued, loved, and if you execute it right, maybe even a little bit embarrassed.

12) “You accumulate me to be my finest self.”

What would inspire you to say this to her boyfriend when he asks why friend love him?

Here’s what to look the end for:

Your guy has faith in you, not simply on the surface, yet faith in that you space at your core. As soon as he sees you down and out, as soon as he’s with you in ~ your an extremely worst, the still to trust in you.

His trust in you is unshakeable, but he takes that a step further.

How so? through cheering you up, giving you a pep talk, making sure that you never doubt yourself.

In other words, the inspires friend to it is in your an extremely best self. Someone that does this because that you truly cares around you and also wants what’s best for you.

And it is as great of a reason as any to love someone. Make sure to tell the why you feeling so motivated to it is in your finest self about him and also why that provides you love him so much.

13) “I love your heart.”


It’s marvelous to view your far-ranging other’s capability to love and feel because that other civilization outside the the relationship. You deserve to tell the they have this big, warm, and also kind heart.

Complimenting your boyfriend on his love is a tender and also powerful way to tell that why girlfriend love the so much. You can see just how empathetic that is, exactly how much he wishes he could aid everyone.

When that hears friend noticing the kindness he has actually for other people, it will offer him the confidence and also strength to save it that way.

In other words, informing him that you love his love is a an excellent answer come the inquiry “why perform you love me?”.

Having a type heart is a sign of a respectful man. Here’s a look at some crucial signs a respectful male exhibits in a relationship.

14) “I’m so lucky to re-publishing a life with you.”

I often discover myself thinking around all the things in mine life the make me feeling lucky.

One the the things at the optimal of my list is my girlfriend. Every day ns can’t think that I acquire to understand someone as impressive as her, permit alone it is in in a relationship with her.

When you find yourself thinking about how thankful you are that who as impressive as her boyfriend is in your life, it deserve to be a great thing to say when he asks why girlfriend love him.

But where can you start?

Tell him about how happy you space to re-superstructure a life v him, just how special and thankful that makes you feel. He’ll be beaming together you tell him all the factors why girlfriend love that so much.

15) “We’re simply so great together.”

There’s nothing quite prefer the emotion of being a strength couple.

Everywhere girlfriend go, civilization recognize it. You simply fit together. Your power compliments every other, and also it’s clean to everyone that sees.

In various other words, girlfriend have an ext than just great chemistry. You have synergy.

And the synergy originates from your capacity to work together as a couple, to trust each other, and give each various other the room to it is in confident and also unique.

Those feelings lead to a depths love, so once your boyfriend is asking you the inquiry “why execute you love me?” offer him this answer.

You won’t really have actually to define why you’re good together — he’ll understand just and you. But, phone call him how it provides you feel: exactly how excited and satisfied your shared chemistry provides you.

As lengthy as she making the personal, this is a good answer the will build confidence in both the you.

If she feeling prefer self-doubt is stop you back in life, here’s a look at at part really reliable ways to conquer it.

16) “You’re for this reason unapologetically yourself.”

Individuality need to be celebrated in a relationship. What does that mean?

It method this: being specifically alike in every means is — well, boring. And also it’s no necessarily a sign of compatibility.

Independence and individuality are key elements that a healthy and balanced relationship, one that will certainly last and weather life’s changes and bumps.

Learning come celebrate the personality of your far-reaching other is a device that will aid your relationship and also your pleasure thrive.

But, you may already know all that stuff and also your boyfriend’s uniqueness is among your pure favorite things around him.

When you check out him expressing himself in ways that only he deserve to do, it makes you autumn in love with him every the more. Make note of all the things that that does while he is being unapologetically himself.

That way, when he asks friend the question “why perform you love me?”, you can be prepared with one answer.

And here’s the great news, as soon as he knows you love that for precisely who the is, he’ll feel more secure and an ext loved in her relationship.

17) “You accumulate me to do my desires come true.”

If you feel choose your male does this because that you, make certain to call him, even if he doesn’t ask girlfriend why girlfriend love him.

Being through someone who genuinely inspiring makes because that a great life. You’ve discovered someone that loves and supports you, and additionally inspires you come keep cultivation as a person.

When your boyfriend is supportive and helps you make your dreams come true, it’s impossible not to love him for it. Not only does he give you moral support, but he likewise helps you with your purposes in any means he can.

On the other hand, you’re act the very same thing for him. His dreams are vital to you and also you desire to provide him the confidence to do whatever he deserve to to with them.

The sky really is the border in a relationship where both world are actively making their desires come true, and in the procedure supporting each other.

It makes for a strong relationship based upon growth, common respect, and also a lot of love.

18) “You have actually so lot confidence in me.”

When she riddled through self-doubt, occasionally all it takes is a type word, a helping hand, or having someone that believes in you.

Your boyfriend is always rooting because that you, no matter how much you doubt yourself.

His ineffable trust in you offers you the stability and strength you should make it with on those days when you don’t even want to acquire out the bed.

With the in mind, it’s impossible not come love him because that it. The way he always has to trust in you, your strength, and your capability to overcome is simply — beautiful.

Remember, though, that’s a two-way street. If he’s asking you why you love him, it might be that he’s having actually self-doubt, too.

In the case, then, all he requirements is a sort word, a helping hand, or having someone that believes in him. Don’t be afraid to tell him why girlfriend love him so much, and also how much of an impact his trust in you has actually on her life.

How to explain why friend love him


The means we love as world is always a tiny bit different than the next. It’s among the countless things that provides us all so unique.

We every share an capability to love outside of ourselves. Just how we show it, and how the gets interpreted inside every person’s mind, will constantly be different.

With that in mind, then, it’s important to remember that your boyfriend doesn’t specifically know exactly how you love. The exact means in which friend love is a personal trait.

Granted, your actions and also words and expressions will connect that come him, to a certain degree.

But as soon as he’s asking you why friend love him, don’t be afraid to tell him in detail around the means that you love, just how it works in your mind, from your perspective.

Tell him just how he fits into that picture and your an individual definitions the love.

In various other words, nothing be afraid to explain how he renders you feeling loved, as well as all the methods you love him in return.

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And, of course, make certain to be real with him. There’s no should flatter, just be honest and clear. What you say will be precisely what he needs to hear, if he is willing to listen.