“Lop” rabbits have actually ears the droop down past their deals with instead of difficult up above their heads. There are fairly a few Lop hare species, yet two typical domestic ones room the Holland and Mini Lops.

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These adorable, fuzzy creatures space rated as several of the many popular domestic rabbits, especially among children. The Mini and Holland Lop share plenty of characteristics, but particular features set them apart.

The size difference between these two rabbits is the most significant, and also it seems backward to most people: the Mini Lop is about twice the size of the Holland Lops.

We cover every the differences in between them and also how their care might differ, for this reason you can make a far better decision around which one suits her home.


Visual Differences


At a Glance

Mini Lop
Average elevation (adult): 4-5 inchesAverage load (adult): 3-6.5 poundsLifespan: 5-12 yearsExercise: 1+ hours a dayGrooming needs: LowFamily-friendly: YesOther pet-friendly: OftenTrainability: Loving, charming, playful
Holland Lop
Average elevation (adult): 5-6 inchesAverage weight (adult): 2-4 poundsLifespan: 5-7 yearsExercise: 1+ hours a dayGrooming needs: LowFamily-friendly: YesOther pet-friendly: OftenTrainability: Docile, curious, friendly

Mini Lop Overview

Credit: Franie Frou Frou, Commons Wikimedia

Personality / Character

The Mini Lop is an beloved rabbit through floppy ears. Your sociability makes them among the most desirable rabbit pets. They originated from breeding a German large Lop with tiny Chinchilla rabbits, creating a miniaturized variation of the huge Lop.

Mini Lops tend to be friendly. They are additionally quite playful in a much more mellow method than Holland Lops and enjoy time exterior the cage playing through other pets or their owners. They are intelligent and also will not carry out well if castle are mainly ignored, due to the fact that they enjoy continual stimulation and attention.

Mini Lops are terrific rabbit for those who want to cuddle, hold, and also play with their rabbit friends.


Mini Lops have actually a fairly odd right appearance. They need to look together though they room a “basketball through a head.” What it method is the a common Mini Lop should have actually an exponentially larger body 보다 head. It is one of the physical characteristics that they room judged on.

Mini Lops have plenty of colors and patterns feasible because they have been so famous over the years. Virtually any the shade or mix that friend would choose in a hare is feasible on a Mini Lop.


Since Mini Lops room so intelligent, training castle is no a challenge. They enjoy the stimulation of training sessions and also can quickly learn new tricks and commands. Due to the fact that they room so playful, it help to do the maintain session similar to a game.

Credit: Miniaturelop, Commons WikimediaMini Lops likewise enjoy communicating with brand-new things due to the fact that they are naturally curious animals. They will reap playing through something favor a wooden round or an empty toilet roll. This rabbits deserve to be trained to run with agility courses, spin and also jump on cue, and also even fetch.

Health & Care

Mini Lops and Holland Lops both require similar diets and also care. They room both substantial responsibilities too. They have to be preserved in a for sure environment and let out at least once a day for an hour to run around and also explore. They have to be one of two people in a fenced-in room outdoors or inside the house.

Lop rabbits need pellet mixes that carry out them with a balanced diet. Castle should likewise be fed lot of of hay, a clip for any kind of breed that rabbit. It helps them digest and also gives them product for their swarms in your enclosures.


Mini Lops are an ideal for homes with children since they are so friendly and also enjoy safety time cuddling and playing. Castle are an ext docile 보다 Holland Lops and also will suit a fairly organized and also calm home.


Holland Lop Overview

Credit: Takkiln, Commons Wikimedia

Personality / Character

The Holland Lops is just one of the few rabbit each other bred for your temperament specifically. They room such a beloved, soft, and well-sized rabbit that breeders have actually tried for plenty of years come perfect the breed by making lock mellow and social.

These small creatures conveniently tolerate gift held and cuddled and enjoy a patience lifestyle. The is one factor that Hollands are considered excellent very first pets for children or beginner hare owners.

Although lock are reasonably mellow, they are also quite active. Because that them to behave as well as they space meant to, they require to have actually time and an are for exercise and also to burn overfill energy. Hollands are additionally social and also prefer to play with other bunnies, animals, or human beings when they space out of your enclosures.

These pets need to invest time through you or who else during the day, in addition to exercise. If friend or your family members are not roughly that often, it would certainly be ideal to take into consideration getting a various breed. Also though they are low-maintenance in countless other ways, this rabbits want other civilization or animals around to save them company.


Holland Lops have broad, quick bodies the make castle seem reasonably compact. Your ears point out and then down toward the floor, stemming off of a vast forehead. They are additionally known for having actually a “crown” of hair toward the back of their head that makes it look at rounder and also can it is in a allude marking in few of their color varieties.

Like many other Lops, Holland Lops’s most well-known trait is having floppy, fluffy ears. They have larger ear than plenty of Lops that widen at the bottom, making lock look more rectangular than in other, similar species.

Holland Lops have dense, glossy hair that is straightforward to maintain. They perform not burned much, and also they have a wide selection of colors and patterns. The orange and cream wide-band hare are often the most well-known as the soft appearance fits your lovable personalities.

Credit: KKPCW, Commons Wikimedia


Holland Lops are simply as smart as Mini Lops. As a species, rabbits are fairly intelligent and curious animals. They are generally excited come learn new things and explore brand-new ways of communicating with you.

Much prefer the Mini Lop, v time, patience, and also plenty of repetition, you deserve to train your Holland Lop to do actions ~ above command, to jump around or through details objects, and to play gamings like fetch.


Holland Lops are perfect for owner who are frequently around or at least have civilization in the house to connect with the rabbit. They are gentle creatures and also enjoy safety time outside, so who who have the right to let them run around is additionally a good idea.

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Which breed Is appropriate for You?

Adopting a pet is a far-ranging responsibility. Girlfriend must discover one that suits your way of life or the of your family members to insurance an much easier fit.