This city by Alfred Tennyson is about the story that a widow who has just got the human body of she husband, who appears to have been a soldier and also was hurt in a war. The widow’s maidens weep profusely but later get worried once the widow is shell-shocked and also cannot emote any type of sorrow. They try and talk around the soldier’s conquests and also what a noble warrior he to be to shot and get the lady to weep, however all their efforts are vain. The lady lastly weeps after that is revealed the she isn’t just a home window but also a mother.

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About the Poet:

Lord Alfred Tennyson (August 1809- October 1892) to be a Poet Laureate of an excellent Britain and Ireland throughout the reign of Queen Victoria. While he still remains among Britain’s most renowned poets to date, several of his short-lyrical works incorporate “Break, Break, Break,” “Tears, Idle Tears,” and “Crossing the Bar.” His job-related has come to be a solid pillar to the foundation of contemporary English Literature and also continues to accumulate poets it spins today.

Home They brought Her Warrior Dead: Setting

According to the characters, the poem appears to be set in the victorian era throughout the time of wars. The expired warrior is brought home come his wife, who is currently a widow. The house has plenty that maidens that cry at the fatality of their master, and hence a strong connection the their connection is depicted. The home window is mum with shock however cries later, not v sorrow for her husband’s death but with fear for she child, whom she will now need to raise every by herself.

Home They carried Her Warrior Dead: Poetic Devices

Alliterations:Line 1: “Home they brought her warrior”Line 2: “She no one swoon’d”Line 4: “She need to weep or she will die”Line 6: “truest friend and noblest foe”Line 7: “Neither spoke no one moved”Line 10: “Took the face cloth from the face”Line 12: “Rose a nurse the ninety years”Line 13: “Like summer tempest come her tears”

Simile:Line 14: “Like summer tempest came her tears”Personification/ Metaphor:Line 14: “Like summer tempest come her tears”

Symbolism:The currently “She should weep, or she will certainly die” uttered through the maidens symbolizes the reality that the lady is a topic who hasn’t shed a single tear after the human body of she husband being brought ago home after the war. She is said to dice if she doesn’t weep due to the fact that she is in a state of shock and also cannot express her pain which will soon be the factor for her death.

Home They carried Her Warrior Dead: Style

“Home they brought her warrior dead (A)She no one swoon’d no one utter’d cry (B)All she maidens, watching, said, (A)She need to weep or she will certainly die.” (B)

Home They lugged Her Warrior Dead: Summary

The city is around a warrior who body has just arrived earlier at his home, and the proceedings stated in this poem room the occasions that follow quickly after his body reaches his home. The maidens in his family members cry a river, but his wife appears to have actually lost her senses v the shock and cannot express she emotions in ~ all. The maidens devise means to do her weep however fail. Finally, she weeps however not that sorrow and that of fear instead- the fear of raising her kid all alone.

Home They carried Her Warrior Dead: Analysis

This city by Alfred Tennyson is a tool for the leader to become a spectator come the sorrowful life of a warrior’s wife. The life that complies with after the death of a warrior is depicted plainly in this poem. The leader is made to perceive the sorrows of the maidens and especially the wife, who emotions have been broken up v the idea of her increasing their just child all by herself. The problem of a mother is narrated clearly in this actions together Tennyson intends to portray the wife caring much more about the livelihood that her kid than the fatality of she husband.

Home They brought Her Warrior Dead: main Idea

The city revolves about the death of a warrior and also his lady who is so shocked through the death that she is can not to emote any type of feelings onto she face. The maidens try to obtain the lady to weep by narrating the great conquests and the noble nature of your expired master but still do not manage to succeed. Eventually, ~ the sheet from the warrior’s confront is removed, the lady weeps but not at she husband’s feet however at the challenge of her young child, who she now needs to raise on she own.

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Home They lugged Her Warrior Dead: Tone

The poem starts with the maidens weeping when they an alert their lady emotionally shocked in sorrow. She doesn’t seem come weep at all, which issues the maidens together they think that her shock can be a reason that might lead to she death. Lock narrate the brave acts of she husband and comment top top his noble character but yet carry out not seem to get their lady to cry. Finally capturing onto reality, the lady weeps not v sorrow however with fear as she cradles her child, whom she thinks to be the only reason for she existence.

The poem is a have fun of the sorrowful life that a widow who needs to worry around her kid after the single breadwinner of the family members is no more. The city brings the reader to see with the eyes of the grieving maidens and likewise through the eye of the came to mother the is the widow whose just sole factor for life is for the benefits of your children. Tennyson beautifully portrays the strong and overbearing nature the motherhood that forgets all the sorrows in the world when their boy is in many need of their love and affection. 

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