Hopkins & Allen made at least thirteen different models of solitary barrel single shot shotguns and also the serial number you provide would fit any kind of of them. We are going to require those photographs or at the very least a very an excellent description consisting of any and also all markings and features (hammer type or hammerless, exterior safety bar falling block action) of the gun before we can begin to tell girlfriend anything around it. Need same info to do a guess about value. These firearms were cheap (read cheap) also when new selling for in between $10 come $20 and also haven"t appreciated that lot over the years.

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Current values. A prime problem example (rare) that shows up to have come out of the factory yesterday afternoon could fetch as much as $125 when a rusty metal, rotten or broken wood, absent parts item of junk fit just for components salvage or as a moonshine quiet stirring pole might carry as tiny as $10. Serial number stamped ~ above the lower tang simply behind the cause guard is indicative that a Crescent Fire Arms company of Norwich,CT (1892 to 1930) made solitary barrel shotgun. If it is then the gun was made in 1897. There need to be some noting (name) stamped top top the left next of the receiver/frame. If there is, what is it? Can"t tell girlfriend the gauge that the gun v out see it as Crescent guns were made in every gauges 12,16, 20 gauge and.410 caliber bore yet 12 gauge was most common.

Hopkins Allen total Serial Numbers

Measure the diameter that the muzzle and a 12 gauge will measure about 3/4 or.750 inches. V a gun that old it was designed and also made come shoot the ammunition in use back then which was 2 1/2 shot shells loaded with black powder and lead shot. That was not designed for more modern-day and longer, 2 9/16 and 2 3/4 customs shells loaded with smokeless powder and certainly not contemporary 3 customs or magnum shells loaded v high push smokeless powder and also steel shot. Mine advice is Don"t attempt to shoot the gun! Old single barrels were inexpensive well made utility grade guns selling for in between $5.00 and also $15.00 new and haven"t appreciated that much since. Current values are determined by the problem of the gun, the amount of original complete remaining ~ above the metal and wood and also the mechanically condition.

A prime problem example (rare) that appears to have come the end of the manufacturing facility yesterday afternoon might fetch as much as $150 (one in.410 bore might lug $175 come $200) while a rusty metal, rotten or damaged wood and missing parts item of junk fir only for components salvage or together a time peg might bring as tiny as $10.00. Most I have actually seen marketed on the miscellaneous gun auction sites have actually sold for in between $25.00 and $75.00.


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Subscribe to topics and forums to gain automatic updates. Acquire your very own profile and make brand-new friends. Customize your experience hereGet the recent facts on the brand-new NY for sure gun legislations that result you! that likely at an early stage 1900.From wikiHopkins & Allen Arms firm was a US firearms manufacturing company based in Norwich, Connecticut the was started in 1868 through Charles W. Allen, Charles A. Converse, Horace Briggs, Samuel S. Hopkins and Charles W.

The Hopkins brothers ran the day-to-day to work of the agency until that went bankrupt in 1916 and also was consequently bought by.In enhancement to the Merwin hubert revolvers, Hopkins & Allen made a selection of spur trigger single-action revolvers in.22,.32, and.38 calibers through trade surname such as ACME, American Eagle, Blue Jacket, Captain Jack, Chichester, Defender, Dictator, imperial Arms Co., Monarch, mountain Eagle, Ranger, Tower"s Police Safety, Universal, and also XL, and later hinged-frame double-action models. Hopkins & Allen manufactured revolvers for under contract and shotguns, rifles, and derringers for miscellaneous sporting goods stores. Be careful that the is not a Damascus stole barreled gun. Modern-day shotshells will certainly blow the gun up.You forgot to end that last sentence v ".in your face"Out of curiosity ns did a tiny research top top Hopkins and Allen shotguns.

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Unfortunately, the consensus seems to be that they were cheap shotguns that haven"t attracted much interest in the collectible shotgun marketplace. Current prices seem to selection from roughly $100 to $250.Having stated that, it"s end 100 year old which is quite cool in my book. If it were mine, I"d clean it up, have actually my local gunsmith render it inoperable, and hang that on a wall.