Every residential property is different. Discovering the square footage of your yard speak you exactly how much water, fertilizer, or grass seed you will need to preserve it.

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Knowing the the size of her yard before purchasing lawn fertilizers or grass particle has plenty of benefits.

Why You need to Measure your Lawn’s Square Footage

Every bag the lawn product the you get at the store, whether it it is in fertilizer or grass seed, will state the approximate square footage it will cover. You need to aim to get just sufficient product to cover her square footage, which will advantage you because:

You won’t overspend for added product you i will not ~ needIf you usage a product past its recommended use, you can damage her lawn - buying just enough product will ensure this no happenYou won’t have to run come the save to buy more if you didn’t buy enough the an initial timeIf you buy too lot product, friend avoid having actually to keep it until the next season

How to discover Your Property’s Square Footage v Online Tools

Mobile applications for her smartphone or other devices make measuring simpler and an ext accurate because that you.

Here space some lawn measure apps:

Global Syn-TurfEnter her address, and then usage the Pen tool to mark your grass areasGoogle EarthEnter her address, and also use the ‘Measure distance and area’ device to note the grassy areas of your lawnMeasure mine LawnUse the measure up tools noted to mark the lawn locations of her yardPlanimeter.Download this mobile application for $2.99 to measure up the square clip of her yard

How come Manually uncover Your Property’s Square clip

If you’d favor to measure your yard the old fashioned way, follow these steps:

Walk the size of your lawn, figuring that one pace equals about 3 feet. Carry out the same with the broad of the lawn. Climate multiply the size by the broad to come at the total. Make sure you subtract the square clip of your home and also driveway when calculating the total square clip of her lawn. If your lawn has actually an rarely often, rarely shape, shot dividing it up right into a number of square areas. Calculate the square footage because that each area, then add the numbers together to with your total lawn size

Put Your details to Use!

Once girlfriend have all of your measurements, that time to go to your favorite keep to acquisition grass seed and fertilizer. Carry out you have crabgrass or weedy lawn issues? provide GreenView Fairway Formula feather Fertilizer through Crabgrass Preventer a try. It stays clear of crabgrass and other grass and broadleaf weeds (as detailed on label) for as much as 4 month when used prior to germination in lawns.

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It likewise provides post-emergence regulate of seedling crabgrass for as much as 4 weeks after the germinates. Intend professional-looking outcomes from our favored pro-grade GreenView Fairway Formula lawn treatment line.