the system of production, distribution, and also consumption. An organized way in i beg your pardon a state or country allocate its organic resources and also apportions goods and also services throughout the national economy
a.k.a. Subsistence economy. One underdeveloped economic situation in which communities use primitive tools and also methods to harvest and hunt because that good, frequently resulting in small economy growth
The tools and raw material used to make a product, and the facilities and resources for creating those goods
freedom that private company to organize and operate for benefit in a competitive device without interference by government beyond regulation crucial to protect
The freedom to select how to produce, sell, and use your own resources, when respecting others" legal rights to perform the same
A network operating prefer the World vast Web however having access limited to a minimal group the authorized users
the dispersing of ideas, information, or rumor because that the objective of helping or injuring one institution,a cause, or a person
The federal government produces, distributes, and controls all details in the type of media, including: Newspapers, internet, periodicals, journals, radio, TV, and any other kind of informational outlet
Flows of resources from one country to an additional in exchange for far-reaching ownership stakes in residential companies or other domestic assets. International investment commonly works both ways, especially in between countries of reasonably equal financial stature
rights regarded as belonging fundamentally to tall persons (such as unlawful imprisonment, torture, and execution)
The major that all people and institutions are subject and also accountable to a law that is reasonably applied and also enforced
A condition urged by many as a need for legit government: the the government of a government should rely on the consent of the people, together expressed by votes in elections
The more infrastructure and also the greater the typical of living, the reduced poverty rate. The much less infrastructure, and also the lower standard the living, the higher poverty rate.

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Relative - not totally in poverty, having very little, but not down to nothingAbsolute - totally in poverty, having actually nothing
- Individually, depends how you room governed or ruled- Country, exactly how the nation gets ruled as a whole
Traditional - just produces because that the peopleMarket - human being are complimentary to begin businessCommand - dictatorship/communist nations Mixed - mix of cost-free enterprise and also government control
Autocracy - power is own by 1 separation, personal, instance Oligarchy - strength is owned by small group the peopleDemocracy - strength is owned by people
In a communism/dictatorship - brands in supermarkets are minimal (only 1), it limits the project you get, and also more.
factor: absence of CorruptionSummary: No windy official might use your public office because that a an individual or private gain.
factor: Order and Security summary: Crimes, civil conflict, and also violence space effectively minimal and controlled.
factor: Our an essential Rightssummary: our government successfully guarantees our freedoms and also rights.
Explain the term consent the the governed. Give at least 1 instance of just how citizens can provide their consent to a government and explain just how they go around doing so.
Uneven distribution of wealth throughout a country and individuals owned exclusive properties and also business enterprises.
- Property need to be shared and also the people should ultimately manage the economy. - government should exercise manage in the name of the people
- phone call for placing the major means of production in the hand of the civilization - wealth and income must be shared an ext equally amongst the people.
How have the right to the visibility or absence of natural resourced and also arable land affect a nation"s economy, regardless of the type of the economic climate system?
If a country has few natural sources and tiny land available for plants it, it may not have the ability to produce sufficient food and products because that the people.
A shorter life expectancy may indicate bad medical are, and also lower literacy rates might indicate bad education, both that which have the right to have an unfavorable impacts ~ above productions
The higher fertility rates, the an ext resources will certainly be needed. Especially ones prefer water, land, and more.
How deserve to the size of the industrial/service sector and also the farming employment rate suggest the level that industrialization?
A larger industrial and also service sector, and also a larger number of people working external of agriculture, can indicate a higher level the industrialization in the economy
How deserve to electricity, communication, and transportation facilities indicate the potential for commercial growth?
The more electricity, communications, and also transportation provided in a nation"s economy, that will offer them a much more developed country and also a higher potential for increased industrialization.
Considering the lack of organic resources, the job problems, and the absence of resources and little industrialization of arising countries, how can developing countries develop? (Hint: look at at economic situation - summary for Chad).

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