No other character ~ above "The Vampire Diaries" has made as significant a change than Caroline Forbes (Candice King). In seven seasons, Caroline went from a shallow typical girl obsessed with being the finest to an ass-kicking Vampire Barbie who have the right to hold her own in the superordinary world.

With Nina Dobrev"s Elena Gilbert in The Deep Sleep, Caroline has come to be the glue the holds this show together. We recognize we have actually a propensity to use hyperbolic statements here at News, however Care is open minded THE BEST. Require proof? below are 21 times Caroline was the best thing to ever happen to "TVD":

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In the "TVD" pilot, we obtain a pretty great sense that Caroline"s rather crazy, an extremely neurotic tendencies once she speak Bonnie all around the brand-new kid in town: Stefan Salvatore. "His name is Stefan Salvatore. He resides with his uncle up in ~ the old Salvatore boarding house. That hasn"t live here because he to be a kid. Military family, therefore they moved roughly a lot. He"s a Gemini and his favorite color is blue." and that was just the intel she accumulated "between 3rd and fourth period." as soon as Bonnie wondered about her motives, treatment sarcastically replied, "We’re to plan a June wedding." we can"t hit the girl"s hustle.


Once Damon arrived in Mystic Falls, Caroline set her sights top top Stefan"s older, more mysterious brother. And in return, he set his sights on her -- for purely superficial, blood-sucking reasons. In the episode "Family Ties," as soon as Caroline found out Damon was a vampire, she asked him, "Hey, just how come you nothing sparkle?" that was the minute we fell in love v Caroline and never looked back.


There was something therefore innocent about Caroline and Matt"s relationship. This to be the an initial time we obtained to watch Caroline actually in love, and it to be surprisingly sweet.


Caroline didn"t have actually a entirety lot to execute in Season 1, however when Katherine Pierce "killed" her in the season finale with Damon"s vampire blood in she system and turned her into a vampire, she character was completely revamped (pun intended). Not just was the twist unexpected, yet it additionally made Caroline a character that "TVD" want to root for.


"Now you desire me come eat bunnies and also I"m kinda freaking out, OK?" Same, Caroline. Same. If vampirism important amplifies one"s specifying qualities, then it just made Caroline much more witty and amazing.

Another side effect of vampirism? Remembering all of the things you were compelled to forget as a human. When Caroline ended up being a vampire at the beginning of Season 2, she remembered everything Damon did come her as a human. Needless to say, when she challenged him in ~ the Mystic drops carnival the night to provide Katherine"s message, we were 100 percent #TeamCaroline.

The Salvatores weren"t the only ones fighting to keep Elena away from harm. As soon as a brand-new threat concerned town in the type of Tyler"s uncle, Mason Lockwood, it to be Caroline who stepped up to defend her best friend -- and also she totally kicked his butt. Werewolf strength has actually nothing on Caroline Forbes, particularly when she bestie is in danger.

She sacrificed her very own safety to it is in there for Tyler as soon as he essential her most. That"s what friends, specifically friends like treatment Bear, are for.

By Season 3, Caroline had transformed into a glorious badass, and when ghosts from the other Side began wreaking havoc on Mystic Falls, she stepped best in and also started taking care of business.

In the consequences of Stelena"s breakup, Stefan was having actually a hard time no indulging his bloodlust and also becoming the Ripper -- and it to be Caroline he confided in. Caroline told Stefan the she wasn"t going come let him autumn off the blood-a-holic bandwagon: "As her sober sponsor, i am no going to let the happen."

We"re not entirely sure putting Stefan back into the for sure he was locked increase in for three months to be a good idea, however at least Caroline believed, in her heart, she was helping him. And that"s just an additional reason we love she so much; Caroline truly cares.

Yes, Klaus was sort of the most evil male in the world, but watching Caroline finally do something that was 100 percent because that herself, prefer hooking up v Klaus, to be so great. It to be Caroline"s choice -- and also we didn"t think less of her for it, no matter how Tyler felt around it. Plus, girlfriend can"t deny the Klaus and also Caroline had insane chemistry together.

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Caroline gained majorly friend-zoned when she said Stefan around her feelings because that him, but you recognize what? That"s entirely OK! At least she had the courage come tell him just how she really felt. Care has always been the love of "TVD" because she"s never been afraid to talk around her feelings, even when those feelings gain stomped on mine Stefan"s stupid hero hair.