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within the setting of Fitzgerald"s novel, the 1920s, there remained in the United says a definitive class system. At that time, only the weathly were able to attend college, while most of the citizenry go to job-related right ~ graduation native high school, or also sooner. As the mam of a...

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Within the setting of Fitzgerald"s novel, the 1920s, there was in the United claims a definitive course system. At the time, only the weathly were able to to visit college, while many of the citizenry go to job-related right after ~ graduation native high school, or even sooner. As the mam of a mechanic who lives in the less than preferable Valley of Ashes, ~ above the "edge the the garbage land," Myrtle Wilson is clearly placed in a social stratum separate from the Buchanans. 

While she aspires to a life of wealth with Tom, proud that the material gifts such as the expensive collar for the small dog the he buys her, she does no conduct it s her as any intellectual would. When, because that example, she transforms her dress at the brand-new York apartment, Myrtle"s "intense vitality" in ~ the garage has transformed right into "impressive hauteur." she gestures and speech--"the room rang full with her synthetic laughter"--are affected as Myrtle place on airs. She haughtily speaks together though she is over the employees at the hotel:

"I told that boy around the ice." Myrtle elevated her eyebrows in despair in ~ the shiflessness the the lower orders. "These people! You have to keep after them all the time."

Unlike a lady or one intellectual, when she moves, Mrytle dead "her surplus flesh sensuously together some females can," Nick comments. She is earthy and vital, petty, and jealous. As she speaks through Nick, she describes her intense sexual attraction come Tom Buchanan. Further in the hotel scene, she open minded disparages she husband. Also, Mrytle jealously shouts Daisy"s surname after gift told by Tom the she has actually no appropriate to say her surname until Tom brutally hits her, an action that points to Tom"s not being one intellectual, either. That Myrtle action upon emotional urges fairly than rational believed is finally confirmed by her rushing madly come the Gatsby"s auto that she mistakes because that Tom"s together it speed by Wilson"s garage.