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to cut the grasscortar el césped / la hierbato beat on grassjugar sobre hierbagrass cuttingsrecortes de céspedgrass seedsemilla de gramíneas
Some ducks, such as mallard and also pintail, will colony in grass and lush soil cover approximately a kilometre or more away from the water body.

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Include some bare ground fairly than all grass, ground cover, or mulch.What a lovely, fast, practically empty stretch the motorway the is - so new the embankments to either next aren't yet covered by grass.Neither of lock wore pair of shoes on the soft, springy, green grass.Christmas lights decorated every residence with cheery lights and lit increase Santas, reindeers frolicking top top the bright eco-friendly grass.Feeling his toughness renewed he actors aside his staff and walked stability upon lush, eco-friendly grass.I walked end the long green grass to among the recumbent stones beside the door of the field and stood on optimal of it.The bay window looked the end onto the street, a wide stretch of led road, pocked with grass and lined by a dozen more houses, spaced out by tens of feet of lush grass and shrubbery.An ambulance was referred to as which took approximately 20 minute to arrive, throughout which time I continued to be lying ~ above the grass.I go to have a look and also I experienced him lie on the grass and… that's it.From each allude of contact, rojo wheel tracks v the grass top top the verge determine the subsequent course the travel.Her evidence was that as they to walk in the park, the appellant steered her off the footpath onto the grass.He i found it two document envelopes ~ above the floor and also found shoes marks ~ above the grass in ~ the behind of the building.The van started shifting towards the right, progressively pushing Pete right into the curb, leaving him i do not have anything to go other than on the grass.After a brief conversation with them they left the house and also discovered the red bag sitting on the grass alongside the driveway.Landon placed the resting bag down on the grass and crawled inside.When us were children if you sat on the grass the police would certainly come and also tell you come move.Charlie spent countless hours lying on the grass or patrolling atop the wall.He operation a herd the 70 Friesian-Holstein dairy cattle on his 200-acre farm wherein all but 50 acres of the floor is in grass.Most of the floor is under grass in ~ the moment and carries a i cry of 265 ewes and also a little Aberdeen Angus herd, and also commercial cattle for fattening.The land is all in grass and there is component of an old farmhouse and outoffices top top it, too as an excellent road frontage.All the soil is under grass and also the agent says there is room for an expansion to the currently property, subject to to plan permission.Temporary alfalfa pasture have the right to reduce grazing push on grass pastures and also provide better quality forage.

hierba feminine
Example sentences
The plants sprouting now incorporate grasses, clovers, dandelions, several varieties of thistle, mustards, and little composites.In the Midwest, that might mean planting prairie grasses and also flowers together with - or also instead that - one English garden.The die out mammoths ate largely grasses, sedges, and also other riparian plants, salt bush, prickly pear, and also even part needles the blue spruce.Plants that were once typical - mainly, grasses and sedges - had end up being even much more common.Bulbs deserve to be planted in turf grasses i m sorry are about a year-and-a-half mature, through no damage to the roots.Food is mostly roots, leaves, stems and also shoots that grasses, reeds and also sedges.We have planted 30 various grasses, herbs and clovers, and our animals wander all approximately the farm to spread out life into the soil.The course is lined v beautiful oak trees, indigenous grasses and plants.The remainder of the residential property is planted with aboriginal grasses, including blue grama and buffalo grass.Native or closely related varieties of trees, shrubs, herbaceous plants and grasses room positioned close to the perimeter.In succeeding years, plant additional perennials and grasses to to fill gaps and replace annuals.In summer months they eat cacti, sagebrush, mesquite, alfalfa, clover, various other grasses, and also herbaceous vegetation.The most usual cool-season grasses room orchard grass, smooth brome, meadow brome and also creeping foxtail.Constant watering urges grassy weeds like foxtail and perennial grasses favor bluegrass to invade alfalfa.Some plants choose ornamental grasses or irises may require knives, machetes, or even hatchets to gain the task done, but it is precious it.The durable grasses such together fine fescue and also Kentucky bluegrass prosper well here, but only through supplemental irrigation.It is wind-born pollen from plants that have inconspicuous flowers favor wild grasses or ragweed that are the significant causes of respiratory allergy.The ideal time because that planting grasses is in the spring or fall although in northern regions that don't get too warm in the summer this season works as well.The roofs space planted v a range of native prairie grasses and flowers and have come to be habitat because that birds and ground squirrels.

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We rarely think of grasses as edging plants, yet I have two favorites the fill that function nicely.