Like other asian countries, Laos enchants tourists through its pristine beauty and the unique society and custom. Visiting Laos friend will have actually a possibility to accomplish super familiar locals and feel their peaceful lives. Taking Laos tours to obtain a ton of exorbitant experiences the you haven’t ever had. Laotians impresses tourists by your hospitality and the special means greeting through the “nop”. Below is some helpful information around Laos greetings and etiquette personalizeds we want to share with you. Inspect out this article before setup your foot on this magic land.

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The timeless Greetings of Laotians

Traditionally, Lao people greet each other by saying “Sabaidee” and pressing their palms together to in a sort of prayer gesture known as a “ nop”. Sometimes, Lao men likewise greeting others by shower hands. In an informal setting, they also just greet through lightly emotional each other on the arm.

Lao world often say ‘Sabaideebor’ come greet another. This word means “How are you” and accompanied by the nop. If a Lao human being greets friend in the way, you have to reply through “Sabaidee” which way “I’m good”. You additionally can view Laos human being greet each other by saying “Kin khow leo bor?” that method “Have you eaten?” or “Pai sai maa” which has actually the same definition with the sentence “How has your job been?”.


Laotians often include “Thann” to the name of the human being of high status. They additionally usually add professional or main titles to attend to some human being like doctors, police officers, teachers, etc. If a person has actually no details title, Lao world often resolve their equivalent with certain titles which is suitable for your age and also gender. Because that example, the location “Aii” which method older brother offered for the enlarge man. For friends and those of the very same age, Laotians just deal with each other by their an initial name or by nicknames.

The Nop – Laos usual Greeting

As a quick bow, the nop is the most common method of greeting in Laos. Once meeting other people, locals will ar their hands together in a prayer position in prior of your chest and also do not touch the body. To it is in polite, the younger or socially inferior human being should be the very first to bow, and the older human being should respond quickly. The nop sometimes likewise accompanied by a charming laugh or a slight bend of the knee.


Depend top top the person you greet, the depth the the bow, and the level that the hands are different. Because that example, if you greet a person who has greater social standing favor monks, friend must hold your hands just listed below your nose. For civilization of equal age or social status, Laotians frequently hold your hands in ~ the level of the mouth. Castle will organize their hand at the chin once greeting younger people.

When & how to use Laos Greetings Properly

Laos Greetings because that Men

The first person will certainly say “Sabaideebor”, the other will answer by saying “Sabaidee”. They likewise often shower hands as soon as greeting.

Laos Greetings because that Women

They also say “Sabaideebor” to greet every other. Their hands regularly pressed together in a prayer position just listed below the chin. It is regularly accompanied by a slight bow and charming smile.

Laos Greetings between Men & Women

In these cases, the Lao word for hello “Sabaidee” is usually claimed with a smile. Note that, poignant or showing affection in public will certainly embarrass the women.

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With a beautiful landscape, hospitable civilization Laos provides you loss in love at very first sight. You re welcome feel complimentary to contact us if you need an ext information around Laos tours or Indochina tours. Viet Vision Travel guarantees you an amazing and memorable Laos vacation.