This is publication 3 of the four-part series on the Ruach Ha Kodesh. Us wrap up the idea that the theory of the Trinity by going come Luke 4:1, the account that YAHUSHUA gift led through the Spirit right into the wilderness. Then we attend to the concept that the holy Spirit was not before Act 2. We show through many scriptures the the Ruach Ha Kodesh has been with us because the start of creation. We then present that each one of us has actually been offered a section of the spirit of Elohim together our breath of life and also consciousness. The is also the source of anointing or motivation to speak the word or the mental of the Creator, as did john the Baptist, King David and also the various other prophets. Lastly, we cave deeper right into “what is the Ruach Ha Kodesh (Holy Spirit)?”, specifics what it does and also what is that is purpose. Ruach Ha Kodesh is the Hebrew indigenous for divine Spirit or divine Ghost. Now, some human being have said that the phrase, holy Ghost makes them think of a Poltergeist; definition a spirit that is between the floor of the living and the realm of the deceased. Many world use this term, but, they do not realize what they are saying; a ghost describes one who is dead and also has come back. However, the spirit we space talking around here has never to be a person. The divine Spirit and also the divine Ghost room not the same; watch a Ghost is other that once lived; it had actually flesh. Conversely, a heart never had actually flesh. Remember, YAHUSHUA never ever promised us a Ghost; he promised us a Spirit; a comforter. So, what this publication does is it speak you what the divine Spirit is and what is His job. The Church civilization will offer you one an interpretation of what the holy Spirit is, yet it is various than what we review in the scriptures and what YAHUSHUA promised. The Messiah promised us a comforter; that would lead and also guide us into all truths; all truths being something the he had already told us. We recognize the Messiah never ever said something new; he just repeated what his Father claimed or what he heard his father say. So, the divine Spirit is the Comforter that is to command us and also guide us v the Fathers word. The holy bible tells united state there space two categories of spirits in the world; the soul of truth and the heart of evil; there is no in-between. So, the question is; i m sorry one are you operation under? We are operating under the soul of truth; us are reflecting you directly from the Bible, not from various other ideologies; no Christian or any spiritual base since we space not spiritual people. We space the true kids of Israel; we think in being led by the Spirit and also what is written in the divine manuscript. Currently the first time the word, "Spirit" is mentioned in the scriptures is in the publication of Genesis 1:1-2, it reads, "In the beginning God developed the heaven and the earth." city 2, "And the earth was without form, and also void; and darkness to be upon the face of the deep. And also the heart of YAHUAH moved upon the challenge of the waters." This to be the spirit of YAHUAH; however, there are different varieties of Spirits. Walk to the book of Revelation 1:4, that reads, "John to the seven churches which are in Asia: grace be depend you, and also peace, from the which is, and also which was, and which is come come; and also from the 7 Spirits which are prior to his throne;" currently go come the book of Isaiah 11:2, i m sorry reads, "And the soul of the many High shall rest upon him, the spirit of wisdom and also understanding, the spirit of counsel and also might, the heart of knowledge and of the are afraid of the most High;" an alert the an initial Spirit discussed is the heart of YAHUAH, i m sorry shall rest upon the (YAHUSHUA). Over there are numerous different types of Spirits; together you deserve to see. We believe this is the very same Spirit that is talked about in Genesis 1:2. Together for the other Spirits, we do not hear much about them; so, in this book, we space going to emphasis on the Comforter; the divine Spirit; the Ruach Ha Kodesh.

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