Arrive early on to enter the Swim a Lap Day contest. What is the form of the underlined verb arrive?A. indicativeB. subjunctive C. imperativeD. passive
How does diction impact layout in a story?A. It determines the syntaxation offered, which affects how the layout is structured.B. It affects the mood, which affects just how theme is interpreted by the reader.C. It does not impact template at all bereason it hregarding execute only via language option.D. It creates a struggle that breakthroughs the plot, which creates the theme.

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"To My Ex"by Stephanie HarrisDon"t chew with your mouth open.Don"t tell me we"re as closeas sand also and also water on the beach.Now it"s war: broken glass.With gift after gift you set me up,prefer ten pins in a game of bowling:pin 1, a pager; pin 2, gold rings;pin 3, a gold brooch for my mother;pin 4, CDs for my brothers; pin 5, expensivedolls, paying for all my hair stylesand money any kind of time I wanted it.Don"t say you treated me like aristocracy.I heard nothing but a cash register drawer.Our partnership, loneliness,a ringing phone with no answer.Which word defines the tone of this poem best?A. sentimentalB. bitterC. nostalgicD. optimistic
What is global theme?A. a main message that applies to anyone, anywhereB. a main message or insight that is revealed via a storyC. the time, place, and social/historical conmessage in which a story takes placeD. a item of writing that provides careful and also delibeprice word choice
Which media outlet enables us to learn in multiple ways?A. video games B. magazines C. radio D. newspaper
The three main literary genres are __________.A. lyric, narrative, and also dramaticB. prose, poeattempt, and dramaC. memoir, biography, and also autobiographyD. tragedy, comedy, and tragicomedy
What is the role of diction in writing?A. to make language more specificB. to offer definition by grouping wordsC. to overview the structure of sentencesD. to clarify created interaction utilizing structure
Clowning, which originated at birthday parties, have transformed the lives of many type of kids. How have to the sentence over be recreated to correct the subject-verb agreement error?A. The sentence is correct as composed.B. Clowning, which originated at birthday parties, perform transform the lives of many type of children.C. Clowning, which originated at birthday parties, has transcreated the resides of many kids.D. Clowning, which originated at birthday parties, are transforming the lives of many youngsters.
Which sentence effectively provides commregarding sepaprice coordinate adjectives?A. The library"s geneaology arsenal has manuscripts, images, maps and other publimelted sources.B. The library"s geneaology collection consists of manuscripts, pictures, maps, and other published resources.C. The library"s geneaology collection consists of manuscripts, photos, maps and also, various other publimelted sources.D. The library"s geneaology collection has manuscripts, photos maps, and also other publiburned sources.
B. The library"s geneaology collection consists of manuscripts, images, maps, and other publiburned sources.
Which sentence describes an external conflict?A. Roland should ride his bike via a monshortly to get home.B. Roland also will certainly obtain kicked off the team if he gets overconfident.C. Roland need to practice eexceptionally day if he wants to be picked first.D. Roland also is the protagonist of this brief story.
All of the following have to come together to redevelop an endure in a memoir except __________.A. supporting detailsB. key ideas C. thematic statements D. painful memories
All of the complying with are necessary to encompass in a Venn diagram except __________.A. a titleB. multicolored inkC. headings for each item being comparedD. 2 overlapping circles
Imagery is designed to __________.A. exaggeprice details for result B. create sensory details C. make a comparikid D. reexisting something past itself
Which statement is false?A. Penny files resulted in mass accessibility to print media.B. Radio media brought about the end of print media.C. Technology developments led to mass availcapacity of television.D. Accessibility and popularity of print media advocated literacy.
Which statement is false?A. Media messages may interpret in different ways across various media.B. . When analyzing media, it is vital to ask, "Does it work?"C. It is important to understand also that media messperiods do not have actually a goal.D. People will certainly perceive media messeras in a different way.
Read the excerpt listed below from The Perks of Being a Wallfreduced by Stephen Chbosky and answer the questions that follow.It was among those days that I didn"t mind going to school because the weather was so pretty. The sky was overcast via clouds, and the air felt choose a warmth bath. I do not think I ever felt that clean before. When I gained residence, I had to mow the lawn for my allowance, and I didn"t mind one little bit. I simply listened to the music, and breathed in the day, and remembered points. Things like walking about the area and also looking at the homes and also the lawns and the colorful trees and having actually that be sufficient.Source: Chbosky, Stephen. The Perks of Being a Wallfreduced. New York: Simon and also Schuster, 1999. Print.What is the narrator"s tone in this excerpt? How does the author build that tone?
Tone refers to the perspective that the narrator has around the topic matter. In this instance the tone of the narrator is joyful and content. The tone is revealed through the words that the narrator uses: "pretty," heat bath," and "vibrant trees."
Which of the complying with is not an example of how media coverage of the Gap Race influenced the economy?The media just covered positive elements of the Void Race and never stated any type of setbacks.Gap memorabilia were made and also marketed to the public to celebrate effective launches.Astronauts ended up being public heroes and helped offer the image of the space regime.The race to beat the Soviet Union to the Moon sustained the growth of NASA and also its infrastructure.
All of the adhering to encouraged Americans to assistance the Space Race except __________.competition through the Soviet Union.fear of the Soviet Union and communismfear of technologythe goals of Amerihave the right to presidents
They deserve to just tell fifty percent of the story . They deserve to additionally make up false stories and/or pay off human being to consist of fake stories around someone . Take for example the Police shootings that occur They air them the day they take place without facts making the Police look negative.
Identify the speaker of this poem.The speaker is Robert Browning.The speaker is Poryphria.The speaker is an unwell-known observer.The speaker is Porphyria"s lover.

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Anton Chekhov"s "The Bet" focuses on a conflict between a banker and a young lawyer who enter right into a disagreement at a party hosted by the banker. While the banker believes that resources punishment is even more humane than life imprisonment, the lawyer claims that he would certainly select life imprisonment over a fatality sentence.<"productClickLinkData"> = <"name":"Film 112 Exam 1","id":"253818574","price":"","category":"premium content","variant":"examine guide","position":"","brand":"tim_pumper">; QLoad(""); return;})}elsehome<"productClickLinkData"> = <"name":"Film 112 Exam 1","id":"253818574","price":"","category":"premium content","variant":"study guide","position":"","brand":"tim_pumper">; QLoad(""); return;;window.area.assign("");" id="1-253818574">
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