viewing Digital certificate In this project, you check out digital certificate information using Microsoft net Explorer.

1. Use your Web browser to go to

2. Keep in mind that there is no padlock icon in the browser address bar, indicating the no digital certificate are used with this site. To verify this, click Page and then Properties. The Protocol: is HTTP and also the Connection: is not Encrypted. Why carry out you think digital certificates space not offered here? have to they be? 3. Click the certificate button. What post appears? Click OK and then click yes in the properties dialog box.

4. Now use your Web browser to go to This is the Web user interface to the Google e-mail facility. What protocol is being provided (notice what shows up before the :// in the address)? Why walk that instantly occur? What is different around the info exchanged with e-mail and through a search engine?

5. Note the padlock icon in the browser resolve bar. Click the padlock icon to check out the Website identification window.

6. Click view certificates.

7. Keep in mind the basic information presented under the general tab.

8. Currently click the Details tab. The fields are presented for this X.509 digital certificate.

9. Click precious to to see the expiration day of this certificate.

10. Click Public key to check out the public key associated v this digital certificate. Why is this website not involved with distributing this key? just how does embedding the public crucial in a digital certificate protect it indigenous impersonators?

11. Click the Certification path tab. Since Web certificate are based upon the distributed trust model, over there is a “path” come the root certificate. Click the root certificate and click the check out Certificate button. Click the Details tab and then click precious to. Why is the expiration date of this source certificate much longer than that of the web site certificate? Click OK and also then click yes sir again come close the Certificate window.

12. Currently view all the certificates in this internet browser. Click Tools and also Internet Options.

13. Click the content tab.

14. Click the certificates button.

15. Click Trusted source Certificate Authorities to watch the source certificates in this internet browser. Why are there therefore many?

16. Click the advanced button.


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Under export Format, what is the default format? Click the down arrow. To which PKCS style can this info be downloaded? Why this format only?