I have proof that at some suggest last night a very huge man, v a very big sack, in which method came under the chimney, left a gift under my tree, and also departed without my noticing. There space sooty footprints in the carpet leading from the fireplace, remarkable provided that that hasn"t been offered for 70 years, and a gift the wouldn"t fit with the door.

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Given that Santa need to weigh a great 120kg, through a bag of tantamount diameter, how deserve to he probably fit down a chimney pot no an ext than 10cm across?


Santa is a cephalopodSeems self-evident. What better creature to fit through a tight chimney fitting? over there is already evidence the Santa could not have actually the ideal of intentions towards us bony mammalian land-dwellers.

Assume for a minute that ours cephalopod adversaries great to tree monitoring gadgets into as plenty of houses as feasible for intelligence gathering. What would certainly be a better way 보다 by exploiting pre-existing human mythology?

Merry Christmas! Make certain you close her flue.



The key clue was the size of the chimney and the gift i m sorry couldn"t fit through the door. The prize is, the course, apparent -- teleportation! This is the only method a Santa Claus could distribute gifts on global scale in ~ twenty-four hours.

This way the problem of worrying about how Santa Claus fits in any kind of chimney of any size, let alone one with a ten centimetre diameter, is null and also void. The gift arrives at the rate of light in a discontinuous manner bypassing all various other material barriers to materialize under your tree.

What about the sooty footprints leading from the chimney to the tree? i hear you cry.

Mere misdirection. Footprint shaped patches the soot were deposited in a pattern resembling the of a person traversing the path between chimney and tree. Marvellous what quantum computer controlled teleportation systems have the right to do.

Santa Claus self is enjoying a sound night"s sleep after spending the rest of the year making all the toys and also gifts that room being immediately delivered via teleportation.

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How walk Santa Claus fit down the chimney? he doesn"t have to and also doesn"t should too.